Friday 7 September 2018

Green People Instant Definition Lip Crayon review and swatches

Matte, metallic lipsticks seem to be having a bit of a thing at the moment. Some are loving it, some are hating it. Personally, I’m loving it, so I already have a few. Today I shall be showing you a couple of metallic matte lipsticks from a natural beauty brand that I’ve spoken about on the blog before.

Green People Instant Definition Lip Crayons in Blossom (top) and Sangria (bottom)
Green People Instant Definition Lip Crayons in Blossom (top) and Sangria (bottom)

Green People may be better known for their natural skin and hair products, but they do also have a makeup line. Part of their lip range is the Green People Instant Definition Lip Crayon, a natural, mineral lipstick that comes in pencil crayon form. There is a range of three metallic matte shades and all are suitable for eczema prone skin and sufferers of psoriasis. All Green People products are free from a whole array of ingredients, including SLS, SLES, parabens and propylene glycol.

The shade range is small, but today I have two of the three colours of the Instant Definition Lip Crayon to show you. Blossom is a soft, metallic matte blossom pink, and Sangria is a metallic matte, dark, copper red. They’re not actually advertised as being matte shades, but when you apply them (especially if you blot them) then they are nice, soft mattes.

Each shade comes in a shiny, black, chunky pencil form with a black cap to match. The end of the pencil shows the shade.

Application and Results:

Use the Instant Definition Lip Crayon to line your lips, starting from the middle. Once done, simply fill the rest in with the crayon. They can be used over a lip primer for longer wear, but keep in mind what kind of primer you use may change it from having a matte finish.

These lip crayons glide onto the lips very easily. The formula is creamy enough to spread across the lips smoothly and boldly, so you’re done with application in no time. Both shades are very pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

Green People Instant Definition Lip Crayon in Blossom lip swatch
Green People Instant Definition Lip Crayon in Blossom lip swatch
Green People Instant Definition Lip Crayon in Sangria lip swatch
Green People Instant Definition Lip Crayon in Sangria lip swatch

The fact that it’s a pencil and it’s matte may make you think that it could be drying, but that’s really not true at all. These lipsticks stay true to their claim of being non-drying, but they don’t necessarily keep the lips moisturised. So keep up with lip scrubs and balms between uses, but don’t be concerned that the lipstick will make any issues worse either.

Longevity is another major pro with these Lip Crayons. You can apply these in the morning and be confident that they’re going to wear throughout the day. They will need a top up, but these have hours of wear in one application. 

You can use a regular chunky makeup pencil sharpener to keep these in good condition, and because you don’t need to use tons per use, one pencil is going to last a long time. 

I absolutely love lipstick pencils like this (this one by Lord and Berry is still one of my favourite lipsticks of all time). They’re so easy to use, don’t feather, you can get very precise and they’re not messy. They’re also fantastic for when you’re in a rush and they don’t need as much effort as a liquid lipstick and they also have fantastic longevity.

The main downside for me with these particular Lip Crayons is the lack of shade choice. I would really love to see more colour options from this range as three can be very limiting. If you don’t like any of the shades available, you’re going to be missing out on a great formula and product. 

Overall though, these lipsticks are incredible yet not so well known about. The shade range may be small, but the main thing that really makes me love these Instant Definition Lip Crayons is their amazing longevity. These are perfect for busy days to run across the lips quickly and go without needing to worry about smudging or fading too much. Sure, they’re going to need a top up, but even with eating and drinking you could probably get away with just one, maybe two top ups. 

A shade like Blossom has that extra perk of being very natural as well, so even when it starts to fade it’s not necessarily obvious. This means it’s great if you have a job that doesn’t allow you do run off for top ups etc, as an example. 

Product Rating: 9/10

If you want to grab one or all three of the shades of the Green People Instant Definition Lip Crayons, you can find them at Green People.

What are your thoughts on the Green People Instant Definition Lip Crayons? Are you a fan of the metallic matte trend?
Let me know in the comments below!

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