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Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2 toothbrush reviews

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Hi guys! Back in 2018 I wrote a review of the ION-Sei ionic toothbrush and I loved it. I used it up until the end of the ION-Sei's availability in the UK, so I was really happy to hear that they have a sister company, Shiken, who have continued with the technology to create a new product line: Soladey.

Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2
Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2

Like the ION-Sei, the Soladey range is based around electrons and semi-conductors to remove plaque and to coat the teeth to prevent further build up (I called these "superpowers" in my ION-Sei review). Unlike the ION-Sei using an ultraviolet light to react with a Titanium Dioxide rod within the brush head, the Soladey range uses solar panels along with a stainless steel conductor to activate the Titanium Dioxide rod to create negatively charged ions as you hold it. The ions then mix with saliva or water within the mouth and react with positively charged ions found in plaque acid.

Soladey Science - source: Shiken Soladey Kickstarter
Soladey science, from their Kickstarter page

The result is the pH of your mouth being neutralised and your tooth enamel becomes more resistant to bacteria. This result means that you can brush your teeth without toothpaste, using only water. If you do prefer to use toothpaste, you only need a minimal amount. Alternatively, you can freshen breath with mouthwash post brushing instead.

Today I have two brushes from the range to discuss: the Soladey 5 and the Soladey Rhythm 2. The Soladey 5 is a manual toothbrush (even though it can easily be misconstrued as an electric one), and the Rhythm 2 is a battery powered electronic toothbrush. Because of the manual/electronic differences, there is also a large price difference between the two models. Different colour options for both are also available. 

Both the Soladey 5 and the Rhythm 2 have the same claims; to help to remove even stubborn plaque as well as to fight off bacteria. The difference between the Rhythm 2 and the Soladey 5 is that the Rhythm 2 utilises its battery power to add sonic waves alongside your brushing for an even deeper, better clean.

Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2
Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2

For the last couple of weeks, I have been trying out the Soladey Rhythm 2 and my partner has been trying out the Soladey 5 and together we've been sharing and comparing notes for this review.

I'll start by talking about the Rhythm 2 and then give my partners feedback on the Soladey 5.

Soladey Rhythm 2

Soladey Rhythm 2 specs. Source: Soladey Rhythm 2 Amazon listing
Soladey Rhythm 2 specs. Source: Soladey Rhythm 2 Amazon listing

The Rhythm 2 comes in three pieces inside the box; the main handle which includes the Titanium Dioxide rod, the brush head and the stand. The body of the brush has the stainless steel conductor where your hand will naturally rest, a power button and light at the bottom that acts as an indicator that the electrons are being generated. This spot is also where you will find the battery compartment by twisting said light, requiring a AAA battery to get things working.

The tip of the brush is mainly made up of the Titanium Dioxide rod in which you need to fit the detachable brush head around it. This means that when the bristles are ready to be changed, you only need to change the head rather than replace the entire toothbrush. The heads come in varying types, with brushes for sensitive teeth and some firmer bristles.

The head of the toothbrush is small which I like a lot as it enables you to reach the back teeth a lot easier than a regular sized toothbrush .

I find the regular medium bristle toothbrush comfortable to use on a high setting and not harsh at all on my teeth or gums, even though I have sensitive teeth. My teeth do feel cleaner after using and they have felt cleaner for longer as the day goes on as well.

I have tried this out both with and without toothpaste and whilst I do prefer to use a bit of toothpaste, my teeth have felt clean without using it also.

Despite the science making it sound as though this may be a different type of brushing experience, you don't feel anything different from regular toothbrushing.

Unlike the ION-Sei, the Soladey Rhythm 2 does not have a timer function that stops after two minutes. It also only has two speed settings as opposed to the ION-Sei's three with the standard setting reaching 18,000 vibrations per minute and the high setting reaching 22,000 vibrations per minute.

Once you have finished, the toothbrush is easy to clean with water (this is mainly an issue if you're still using toothpaste) and storage is simple with the handy stand.

Soladey 5

Soladey 5 specs. Source: Soladey 5 Amazon listing
Soladey 5 specs. Source: Soladey 5 Amazon listing

The Soladey 5 comes in two parts inside the box; the handle that also includes the Titanium Dioxide rod, and a separate brush head. The body of the brush contains a large solar panel as well as a stainless steel conductor to activate the negative ions. There is no light to indicate that the ions are being generated like on the Rhythm 2.

Here are my partners thoughts on the Soladey 5:

The brush was easy to assemble with clear instructions (you simply need to click it over the Titanium Dioxide rod). The brush head was smaller than a standard toothbrush which was especially helpful for reaching nooks and crannies.

The Soladey 5 feels similar to a standard toothbrush and works the same way, however the brush needs less toothpaste and the results remain the same as standard brushes.

After brushing, my mouth was left feeling cleaner than when brushing with a regular toothbrush and remained fresher for longer.

Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2
Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2

After comparing notes, I think that both toothbrushes have performed well. I am happy to be sticking with the Rhythm 2 as I prefer electric toothbrushes over manual ones for the deeper clean. With that said, there are some downgrades from the ION-Sei that I do wish followed over to the Rhythm 2. Firstly, I did like the timer function on the ION-Sei and the little breaks that occurred every 30 seconds to prompt you to move to different areas in your mouth. Secondly, the max vibrations per minute on the Rhythm 2 are significantly lower than the high setting on the ION-Sei (31,000 compared to the Rhythm's 22,000).

On the flipside, I'm finding the Rhythm 2 to be far easier to clean after use and the extra colour options are a nice bonus also. The ION-Sei brush also didn't have any manual versions (at least not that I am able to recall, if this is wrong, please feel free to request a correction), so having the Soladey 5 alongside the Rhythm 2 in the range is great for variety, suiting different price points and appealing to those who prefer manual vs electric toothbrushes.

We're both loving our new toothbrushes, so if you would like to check them out also then you can find them over at Amazon.

What are your thoughts on the Soladey 5 and the Soladey Rhythm 2? Have you ever tried an ionic toothbrush?
Let us know in the comments below!

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