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Beautifinous is registered with the ICO and is compliant of GDPR. This page will be outlining what data is collected, how it is collected and what happens with it.

Collection of information:


Within Beautifinous there is an option to subscribe to new posts via E-Mail. This requires you to provide an E-Mail address if you wish to sign up. This mailing option is provided by Google, through Blogger, so for more information please check out their privacy policy.

This E-Mail option is not an E-Mail newsletter supplied by Beautifinous, and therefore no E-Mail addresses are able to be accessed by Beautifinous.


Occasionally Beautifinous will host competitions that are usually run via a third party website. During these competitions, Beautifinous has access to the name and E-Mail address of any participants in order to contact them if they win.

Winners will be required to send their address via E-Mail so that they are able to receive their prize, but then upon delivery of the prize, Beautifinous will delete or destroy any text related document (if one exists, such as an E-Mail) that includes the winners data, as well as the information held on all other competition participants.

As the third party used may change from time to time when competitions are held at Beautifinous, clearer information will be included in any future posts that feature competitions. Competition terms and conditions will include links to any third party privacy policies for you to understand what happens with your data and what information is collected on their website, and they will clarify exactly what is seen or used by Beautifinous, and how this information is used, and when it shall be deleted. 


This blog uses Google Analytics to collect particular information regarding visitors. It does so by storing something called a cookie on your computer, which is a small data file that enables Google to keep track of your browsing on this website. It also collects non-identifiable information such as your IP address, browser type, the time you visited and then spent on the site, which pages are visited, which country you are visiting from, any keywords that you used on a search engine to reach the website and what type of device you are using to access the website (phone, laptop, tablet, etc).

The information is then used to learn how many visitors are viewing the website and which pages are most of interest. This helps to provide more of the content that you enjoy the most and where the website needs improving.

For more information regarding Google Analytics, please see their Privacy Policy.

If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics, you can find more info here: Opt Out.


This blog uses third-party advertising. These companies may also store cookies upon your computer which may relay similar information as above back to them. This then enables them to provide more relevant advertisements that may be of interest to you.

The advertising used by Beautifinous is run by Google AdSense and Amazon.

You can find the privacy policies of the third party companies here, and opt out of personalised advertising at the following:



Beautifinous also uses affiliate programs. Certain links that are provided within posts may lead you on to a place to buy discussed products, and due to these affiliate programs, if you choose to make a purchase, then I may receive a small commission.

This may require the third party site to store a tracking cookie on your computer that is solely used for this reason. The information that Beautifinous has access to through these third parties is:

  • How much you spend in total during your transaction
  • The date of your purchase
  • Which Beautifinous page you clicked through to the store from

Beautifinous does not have access to any further information, including your name, address, card details, items purchased, E-Mail addresses and so on.

The affiliate programs used by Beautifinous are Skimlinks, Paid On Results and Amazon.

You can find the privacy policies and further information regarding their use of your data these companies here:

Paid On Results

Avon sales:

In addition to the affiliate programs mentioned above, all Avon items written about may lead to my personal online Avon store. Any sales made on my Avon store will earn me commission through the Avon website, but all opinions shared of products on this blog are entirely my own honest thoughts.

Upon a purchase, the owner of Beautifinous, Zoe Warner, will be made aware by Avon of some of your data related to your purchase.

For more information regarding what data is stored and what it is used for, please visit My Online Store to find any relevant privacy policies. If you have made a purchase via the store and have any questions regarding your data or wish to have data removed, please contact via the My Avon Store contact feature.

No information regarding Avon purchases is tied to Beautifinous and exists solely with the Avon side of the business, and therefore nobody with any potential future access to Beautifinous has access to any Avon data (and vice versa). The data is protected by Avon, and for further information you can find it within the Avon privacy policies.

Cookie Information:

To opt out of the use of cookies, you can find an option within your web browser to disable them. For more information, help and advice, please check out About Cookies.

The information in this privacy policy may change from time to time, but you can always check back to see what has been added or updated.

For more information, please contact beautifinousbb (at) gmail (dot) com.

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