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Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Collection review

Hey guys! It’s nearly Christmas! Recently I’ve covered a great face and eyeshadow palette which is perfect for all your Christmas and New Years parties as well as a winter skin saviour, and today I’m here for those of you with weak, brittle and dry nails. If you need something to strengthen and brighten nails, moisturise nails or help your nails to grow stronger in general, then today’s post is for you. It’s also a fantastic Christmas gift idea for the beauty or nail addict in your life. 

Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Collection: Pink Gel Coat, Clear Gel Coat, Daily Moisture and My Favourite Top Coat
Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Collection: Pink Gel Coat, Clear Gel Coat, Daily Moisture and My Favourite Top Coat

The Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Collection is a set of four of Perfect Formula’s top nail care products. It contains the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat, Clear Gel Coat, Daily Moisture and My Favourite Top Coat (that’s the name of the product and not me trying to be biased). 

All Perfect Formula products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates and TPHP.

The Pink Gel Coat and Clear Gel Coat are both keratin rich formulas that are designed to strengthen and protect the nails, but the Pink Gel Coat is tinted pink and helps to brighten the nails as well. It gives the look of a French manicure.

The Daily Moisture is a jojoba-rich nail and cuticle conditioner that helps to keep the nails and cuticles moisturised and protected as well as helping to strengthen nails over time. My Favourite Top Coat is a top coat for nail polish that dries quickly and promises to ensure a long-lasting and glossy manicure.

They come packaged in a pink and white box and each of the products come in small glass bottles that hold 5ml of product. These are miniature versions and not full-size products, so it’s more of a taster pack than a bundle pack. 

For this post, I have got my mum involved too as she’s a fan of nail strengthening treatments and she has tried a whole bunch of them, so I’ve sent her off to test the Clear Gel Coat whilst I’ve been trying out the Pink Gel Coat, Daily Moisture and My Favourite Top Coat

Pink Gel Coat

The Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is described as a "suit of armour" for your nails. The keratin-rich formula adds a pink hint that filters out any yellow and helps to brighten the nails whilst strengthening them. 

You only need to apply one coat of the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat to clean, dry nails and allow to dry. Applying is an absolute breeze and the drying time is very rapid. You only have to wait a couple of minutes until you’re ready to go. When indoors I don’t notice much of a difference except nails are glossy, but when outside you really see the pink brightening effect. The nail beds look pink and the tips look white, just like you’ve had a French manicure. 

I do feel the strengthening effects too, which is fantastic as my nails are prone to breaking. With this, my nails are growing in strong whilst looking brighter and generally better all-round. 

I tried wearing this both alone and with the top coat, and I found that it has better longevity alone. With that said, the instructions state to remove after a week and to reapply, but whilst the longevity is good, I don’t think you’d manage a full week of wear without needing to reapply. I would say a few days at max before you’re getting some chipping, which is noticeable in particular with the Pink Gel Coat the second you step outside. 

Removal is very quick and easy though. It comes off with regular nail polish remover and even after removal you can see a difference with your nails. They’re stronger and glossier.

Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Collection: Pink Gel Coat, Clear Gel Coat, Daily Moisture and My Favourite Top Coat
Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Collection: Pink Gel Coat, Clear Gel Coat, Daily Moisture and My Favourite Top Coat

Clear Gel Coat

The Perfect Formula Clear Gel Coat promises to safeguard your nails from breaks and tears whilst turning think, weak or brittle nails into thick and healthy nails. 

Just like the Pink Gel Coat, the Clear Gel Coat is easy to apply and very fast drying. The difference is that there is no pink tint with this one, so it’s just like applying a clear nail polish. The results are natural, yet glossy, nails. 

As I stated in the intro, my mum has tried a lot of nail strengthening treatments and from this she has acquired one specific pet peeve: longevity. A lot of them simply chip, flake or peel off so quickly (the same day, or the next day) as soon as you start doing anything. By anything, I mean regular day to day stuff; cleaning, cooking, bathing, shopping, etc. The main one though is having hands submerged in hot water. So, to test this Gel Coat out, my mum specifically wanted to focus on that aspect and I’m glad to report that she came back happy. She experienced no major chipping or flaking off after a few days of wear except for one minor part which she caught and it chipped a little on the end. 

In regards to strengthening, she has fed back to me that her nails are feeling strong and are growing nicely. 

Both me and my mum agreed that the Gel Coat's are great for women who have a busy lifestyle (and I’m looking at you, fellow mums!). If you struggle to find the time to take care of your nails, paint them or even to go for a manicure, the Gel Coat's are fantastic products to check out. The drying time and the durability make them perfect for applying in short spaces of time and they last. Also, not only do they help with strengthening and brightening, but having nice looking nails can also help you to achieve that "I’ve got my s**t together" look which, let’s be honest, can be difficult to achieve when you’re running at 100mph daily and trying to keep on top of 10 things at once (again, looking at you, fellow mums!).

I want to note though that whilst I do mention mums specifically in my previous paragraph, these Gel Coat's are by no means just for mums or other hard-working, always busy women. They are really good for anyone who is struggling to grow their nails or who want something low-key rather than a full-blown manicure. Some of us simply don’t want the bright, bold colours, but they want something subtle and casual. These Gel Coat's are perfect for just that. 

Daily Moisture

The Perfect Formula Daily Moisture is a jojoba and keratin rich Formula to hydrate and condition nails and cuticles whilst maintaining moisture which helps to prevent breaks and splits. 

To apply, you need to brush on a small amount to nails, underneath the nail tips and to the cuticles. This cannot be used on wet nail polish or treatment, so I’d suggest steering clear for a good few hours after you’ve had something applied just incase. It can be used over dry polish or on natural nails. 

It’s very quick and easy to apply, but it does take a while to dry. Therefore, I would recommend this to be used at nighttime rather than right before you need to head out, for example. 

It does do a great job at moisturising cuticles and nails. I’ve really neglected my cuticles lately in particular as it’s one of those things you remember to focus on more when you have the time, but it’s just not as much of a priority when you have too much to do. This Daily Moisture has really got them back into shape quickly though, so now you can’t even tell I neglected them for a while at all. Just in time for Christmas as well! 

Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Collection: Pink Gel Coat, Clear Gel Coat, Daily Moisture and My Favourite Top Coat
Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Collection: Pink Gel Coat, Clear Gel Coat, Daily Moisture and My Favourite Top Coat

My Favourite Top Coat

The Perfect Formula My Favourite Top Coat is a high-gloss and fast-drying top coat for nail polish. Whilst this top coat itself dries fast, it isn’t a fast drying top coat such as Seche Vite that you apply onto wet nail polish. If you’re looking for something to speed up the drying process then this one isn’t for you. However, it does provide a strong seal to your manicure that not only keeps your manicure looking fresh, but it also protects it from yellowing. 

You can apply one or two coats to your manicure, or one coat and then a second as and whenever you need it for a manicure refresher. 

This top coat applies really well, and the brush is easy to control so that you can avoid any pooling around the edges. The drying time is pretty fast, but you’ll still be waiting about 10 minutes before you feel it’s safe to get going again. That’s still an impressive time though when you think of all those hours you’ve likely wasted in the past for your nails to not feel tacky anymore just to carry on with daily life activities. 

It does do a good job of keeping your manicure looking fresh and from yellowing, but I did encounter some chipping at the tips still after a couple of days. Maybe it needs two coats rather than just one, or maybe it depends on what you’re getting up to day to day. I do like the high-gloss finish though and the fact that it dries so quickly.

I think that this collection of four of the top Perfect Formula nail care products is a fantastic way to try out some brilliant products. I know that I am now head over heels with the Pink Gel Coat in particular, but all of the items in this collection are great.

You can purchase some of these products individually in miniature form, but it is far more cost effective to buy this collection if you are keen on trying out all four, or even just a couple of the products. 

If you want to get your hands on the Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Collection then you can find it at Beauty Bridge.

What are your thoughts on the Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Collection? Which product are you most interested in?
Let me know in the comments below!

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*This product was sent to me to sample as a review consideration. However, this hasn't in any way affected my review with all thoughts and feelings about the product and company being 100% my own.

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