Friday 24 August 2018

ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencil reviews

Hey guys! So a few weeks back I reviewed some beautiful lashes and lash glue by ESQIDO, and today I will be looking at their new launch and perfect accompaniment to their lash range: the new ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils.

ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black and Brown
ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black and Brown

I spoke a bit about the brand ESQIDO itself in my previous post featuring their Mink False Lashes, so if you'd like to know more about them I will direct you towards that post.

These liners are designed to have all the benefits of a gel eyeliner in a retractable pencil form and they come in two shades (black and brown), are packed full of pigment, apply in one bold line with a matte finish, are waterproof, promise all day wear and are 5-free (no parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates and fragrance) and latex-free, so they’re suitable for sensitive eyes.

The pencils are twist based, so you twist the bottom to reveal more. However, they also come with a small sharpener hidden in the bottom of the pencil so that you can keep the point sharp for thin lines as well as thick. The pencil also has an airtight ring seal band around it to keep an airtight seal around the lid. 

They come in the sleek white and gold packaging that other products in the ESQIDO line also come in, so they look and feel of luxury and high quality.

Application and Results:

To apply, you need to twist at the bottom to get the pencil to appear, then glide onto the eyes. The sharpener is at the very bottom and you need to pull it to get it to come off the end of the pencil. 

I find that both shades apply with a very bold, smooth and highly pigmented line. There is no need to go over the line again and again, and it isn’t flaky in anyway. There is enough time to give it a gentle smudge before it sets properly, so you can use it to create different looks.

To show you the results, I’ve done a few different types of eyeliner application in one on each eye and each eye a different colour to show both shades. I’ve lined the top lid in an a thick line, I’ve done the waterlines, tightlined and I smudged on the bottom. Both eyes are without mascara and eyeshadow to show just the eyeliner.

ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black and Brown eye swatches
ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black and Brown eye swatches

ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black and Brown swatches
ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black and Brown swatches

I found that both shades wore all day with only a slight bit of fading on the brown side. The black eyeliner smudged a little more on the bottom where it was already smudged so did need a bit of a tidy up after a few hours though. On the waterline it lasted okay, but it did start to fade off on the bottom on the outer sides, so if you plan to keep the waterline looking bold all day you will likely need a top up or two.

The smudge was very easy to create, and for the swatches above I used my finger. I would prefer to use a small smudging too as I personally feel that I have more control that way, but it doesn’t come with one included. Therefore, if you prefer using a smudging tool, you’ll need to have one to hand.

In regards to removal, I found the brown liner a lot easier to remove than the black. The black took a bit of effort, but if you use an oil based remover then it will come off far easier. 

ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black and Brown
ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black and Brown

The black gel liner is fantastic for creating bolder looks than the brown. The brown eyeliner is a beautiful shade, but I feel that it would work better for a more casual, every day look than the black. Of course, the options with eyeliner looks can be endless, so go with whatever style suits you! 

Another thing I feel important to note is that I do have sensitive eyes, and I didn’t find these to affect them at all. Even on my waterline, they wore comfortably all day with no irritation.

The only downside I can really think of is the sharpener. I had a bit of a tough time getting the pencil to sharpen properly as the formula for the pencil is so soft, and the sharpener width very tiny. You have to be quite gentle to get the motion of it right or else it just crumbles off the pencil. When this happens as well, it can get onto your fingers and you end up putting little fingerprints all over the place, including onto your nice, sleek white pencil. Its achievable to get the point, but it takes a bit of practice with the sharpener.

ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black and Brown
ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black and Brown

Overall, I’m really liking these eyeliners. They look high quality, they apply and wear like it too. I absolutely love that you get a perfectly bold line in one stroke, making is very easy to apply in a hurry. The only con is that the formula is very soft and the sharpener quite small, so sharpening can be fiddly and you can lose a lot of product as it falls apart. 

Product Rating: 8/10

They’re a great addition to the ESQIDO line and would look beautiful with a pair of your favourite ESQIDO eyelashes!

You can grab the ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils from ESQIDO.

What is your favourite shade of the ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils? What’s your favourite pair of ESQIDO lashes that you’d wear with one of these shades?

Let me know in the comments below!
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*These products were sent to me as review considerations. However, this hasn't in any way affected my review with all thoughts and feelings about the products being 100% my own.


  1. I saw the eyeliner advertised on Facebook and I suffer from hayfever and couldn't find an eyeliner that would stay put on watering eyes until now. A bit expensive but well worth the money, my eyeliner stays on until I take it off at night. Very easy to apply as the liner is so soft, well worth the money.