Monday 27 July 2015

AA Skincare Lemongrass & Lavender Deodorant review

AA Skincare is a new, natural cosmetics range by Amphora Aromatics. They produce skincare products that are suitable for different ages and skin types that contain top quality essential oils. Also, because they cut back on their advertising budget, they can sell high-quality products that don't cost the Earth.

One of the products they have to offer is the AA Skincare Deodorant. It is made up of pure, naturally deodorising essential oils and natural extracts to create a roll-on that is provides day-long freshness, is non-irritating and doesn't block pores, allowing the skin to breathe. They are also free of alcohol, aluminium and artificial fragrances (which can cause clogs in the skin, leading to spots and boils).

AA Skincare Deodorant Lemongrass and Lavender

It comes in a range of three different scents; Lemongrass and Lavender for freshness, Bergamot and Chamomile for sensitive skin and Grapefruit and Cedarwood for men. I have a bottle of the Lemongrass and Lavender Deodorant that I have been using recently to discuss with you today!

Friday 24 July 2015

Korres Bergamot Pear Showergel review

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you may remember that recently I fell in love with Korres' Bergamot Pear Body Milk. It's such a beautifully scented, lightweight moisturiser, and it was only a matter of time before I bagged myself the accompanying body wash.

The Korres Bergamot Pear Showergel is an 87% natural product that is free of silicones, mineral oil, parabens, alcohol and more (see below), is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and is not tested on animals. It is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, zinc and antioxidant enzymes and also contains Active Aloe, an ingredient that has the "ability to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis," helping to reduce the visible signs of skin ageing. It also claims to help boost the skins immune system.

It comes packaged in a dark red/brown bottle (with the product information sticker wrapped around it) with a white flip cap that holds 250ml of product. The wash itself is a cloudy white colour with the same beautiful scent of the Body Milk.

Monday 20 July 2015

InstaNatural Stretch Mark & Scar Cream review

Stretch marks - we all have them! Whether you loathe them or tolerate them, some people want to get rid of them for good. Whilst removing them would cost a lot in money and time in laser removal or surgical removal, some people are content with simply reducing their appearance with lotions and potions. Enter: InstaNatural.

InstaNatural’s Stretch Mark and Scar cream is an all natural, powerful cream that helps to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

It contains aloe vera, Vitamin C, Rosehip Oil, Cocoa Butter, Evening Primrose Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E and Mango Butter amongst other essential oils and other ingredients.

It comes in a white, screw cap pot that has a green label around the centre with the product information and that holds 120ml of product. The cream itself has the consistency of and looks a little like yoghurt. It also has a nice smell to it that lasts throughout the day (the ingredients label it as “Tranquil Sea Fragrance” - oooerr!).

Thursday 16 July 2015

Birchbox Make A Splash July 2015 Box review

Birchbox is a monthly beauty box that includes 5-6 deluxe samples of beauty and lifestyle products that are tailored to you.

You get to discover new products and test them out in the comfort of your own home with no pressure to buy the full product if you don’t like it! However, if you do enjoy it, you can purchase the full sizes from the Birchbox store with the most recent month’s brands being available with free delivery (min. £10 spend)!

Birchbox Make a Splash July 2015

This months theme is Make A Splash, inspired by summer holidays. For this month only, Birchbox have swapped out their regular boxes for Birchbags, small clutch bags that come in a range of four colours. Each colour is inspired by a different holidaying location. There is a beautiful green for the island of Hydra in Greece, bright pink for Ibiza, orange for St Tropez and yellow for (check).

Here is what I received in my Birchbox (bag) this month:

Friday 10 July 2015

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick review

The Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick is an easy to use, non-greasy, antiseptic Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel formula gel that aims to quickly reduce the appearance and redness of spots. It fights the blemish causing bacteria and instantly cools and calms the area to reduce irritation.

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick

It comes in a small, glass stick that holds 10ml of product with a handy rollerball tip for precise application directly onto the spot. 

Alongside treating spots, the Blemish Stick can be used to treat insect bites or other minor skin irritations.