Thursday 9 November 2023

Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2 toothbrush reviews

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Hi guys! Back in 2018 I wrote a review of the ION-Sei ionic toothbrush and I loved it. I used it up until the end of the ION-Sei's availability in the UK, so I was really happy to hear that they have a sister company, Shiken, who have continued with the technology to create a new product line: Soladey.

Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2
Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2

Like the ION-Sei, the Soladey range is based around electrons and semi-conductors to remove plaque and to coat the teeth to prevent further build up (I called these "superpowers" in my ION-Sei review). Unlike the ION-Sei using an ultraviolet light to react with a Titanium Dioxide rod within the brush head, the Soladey range uses solar panels along with a stainless steel conductor to activate the Titanium Dioxide rod to create negatively charged ions as you hold it. The ions then mix with saliva or water within the mouth and react with positively charged ions found in plaque acid.

Soladey Science - source: Shiken Soladey Kickstarter
Soladey science, from their Kickstarter page

The result is the pH of your mouth being neutralised and your tooth enamel becomes more resistant to bacteria. This result means that you can brush your teeth without toothpaste, using only water. If you do prefer to use toothpaste, you only need a minimal amount. Alternatively, you can freshen breath with mouthwash post brushing instead.

Today I have two brushes from the range to discuss: the Soladey 5 and the Soladey Rhythm 2. The Soladey 5 is a manual toothbrush (even though it can easily be misconstrued as an electric one), and the Rhythm 2 is a battery powered electronic toothbrush. Because of the manual/electronic differences, there is also a large price difference between the two models. Different colour options for both are also available. 

Saturday 30 September 2023

Skinetica Quintessence review

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Hey guys! Clear skin is something that we're all after. The beauty world is overflowing with products designed to provide just that, featuring all of the buzzword ingredients and higher price tags. Skinetica, however, have taken the less is more approach with their offering to the market; Quintessence

Skinetica Quintessence
Skinetica Quintessence

Quintessence by Skinetica is a skincare solution that has it's ingredients stripped back, featuring only a few; the main active ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride (a low level of 0.13%), the patented water stabiliser Organosilane which provides the anti-bacterial residual action on the skin, Propylene Glycol and Deionised Water. As the solution is water based and doesn't include alcohol, there should be no stinging or irritation when using (very helpful when you're dealing with acne!) and also not be drying as it doesn't have astringent properties. 

Quintessence is a different type of product. Whilst a bottle of a liquid like this would normally be assumed to be a toner or cleanser, the primary use of Quintessence is a stand alone skincare product.  It can still be used as a toner (more on that in a moment), but to use, after washing and drying the skin, apply some of the solution to a cotton pad and apply to the skin before allowing to dry. At this point, it can be left as is. Skinetica recommend that other acne treatments aren't used alongside this one as they can interfere with the solution. 

Wednesday 23 August 2023

Look Fantastic Beauty Box August 2023 overview

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Hey guys! If you're a long-time reader of the blog, you may have noticed that I do have an affinity to sharing Look Fantastic links when talking about places that you can purchase the products that I discuss on my blog. It's one of my favourite places to purchase things I need (and want!), so when I was contacted recently to do a post collaboration with Look Fantastic, I was very excited.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box August 2023

Today I shall be discussing the Look Fantastic Beauty Box which is a monthly offering that is available on the Look Fantastic website. Each month they curate a box full of six beauty goodies for their Beauty Box customers. I shall be looking at the August box  today and having a look at each of the products that are included.

So what's inside this months box? Let's take a peek!

Saturday 1 July 2023

B'KATE Brow Dip review

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Hi guys! I've recently had the chance to try out the new B'KATE Brow Dip and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

B'KATE Brow Dip
B'KATE Brow Dip

B'KATE is a Dutch brand created by international Brow Artist Marlies Gregorius. They specialise in high quality, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free eyebrow cosmetics. Their Brow Dip is designed to help you to create a natural brow or to build up the colour for a more defined look.

The Brow Dip comes in a range of eight shades including Blonde, Ash Blonde, Soft Brown, Golden Brown, Brunette, Deep Brown, Ash Brown and Smokey Black. I have the shade Ash Brown which is a cooler toned dark brown.

You have likely seen similar products from the likes of Benefit with their extensive eyebrow range and Anastasia Beverly Hills with their own solid brow range.

B'KATE's Brow Dip is long-lasting eyebrow product due to the cream powder formula that sticks to the areas with little to no hair with ease, and if applied with the B'KATE Angled Eyebrow Brush you can create the perfect eyebrow for you.

Friday 13 January 2023

Nourish London Ceramide Moisture Boost Essence review

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Hey guys! It's a new year and for the first post of the year I will be talking about a new product: the Nourish London Ceramide Moisture Boost Essence.

Nourish London Ceramide Moisture Boost Essence
Nourish London Ceramide Moisture Boost Essence

The Nourish Ceramide Moisture Boost Essence is your first skincare layer following cleansing and toning, before serums and moisturisers. It is designed to add an extra boost of moisture and to soften the skin in preparation for the rest of your routine. 

The Boost Essence contains hyaluronic acid, kale sprout extract (a common feature in Nourish Skincare products), probiotic minerals, ceramides, willow bark and trehalose. Together they help to provide nourishment whilst making the skin look radiant and plumped. The addition of willow bark also helps to exfoliate, decongest and balance the skin. It is meant to be particularly good for dehydrated, temperamental hormonal skin.

The Boost Essence comes packaged in a glass bottle that holds 100ml and it has a black flip cap with a small hole in the top to dispense the product. The serum itself is quite watery in consistency which is typical of an essence type product.