Friday 1 April 2022

Bio Balance Super Serum Hyaluronic 3D review

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Hey guys! Today I am back with a post featuring a skin-plumping, anti-ageing, hydrating serum that I've been testing out recently. 

Bio Balance Super Serum Hyaluronic 3D
Bio Balance Super Serum Hyaluronic 3D

The Bio Balance Super Serum Hyaluronic 3D is a natural, vegan friendly, youth activating serum that is designed to plump lines, hydrate, improve elasticity and firm the skin. The Bio Balance Super Serum Hyaluronic 3D gets its name from being a multi-molecular hyaluronic acid. It contains three different weights of hyaluronic acid molecules, allowing the serum to absorb deeply into multiple layers of the skin for better hydration. 

It is a Pure Global Beauty Awards 2021 finalist and is perfume, silicone, gluten, alcohol, oil and preservative free. 

It is part of their range of Super Serums which cover a collection of different skin issues from pore size to discolouration, so if you aren't swayed by the idea of a hyaluronic acid serum but are still interested in the brand, I do recommend checking out the rest in the range to see if you can find something better suited to your needs.

The Hyaluronic 3D Serum comes packaged in an amber tinted glass bottle with a black dropper lid. It holds 30ml of product and the serum itself is a clear, somewhat watery consistency. 

On first glance, I notice that the brand appears to have a lot of similarities to Dr Organic, the likes in which you'd find all over Holland & Barrett. The packaging looks very similar, they have lots of different ranges and they provide the same types of products at the same prices. This does tell me though that the brand are aiming to be seen within the same market as brands such as Dr Organic, so if you're a fan of those then they're wanting you to be interested with Bio Balance too. 

Bio Balance Super Serum Hyaluronic 3D
Bio Balance Super Serum Hyaluronic 3D

Going back to the Bio Balance Super Serum Hyaluronic 3D specifically though, to use, you need to apply to clean, dry skin. I use after cleansing and toning in the evening as part of my serum line-up, before my night moisturiser. 

Whilst applying, it doesn't have any noticeable fragrance and it spreads across the skin easily, so you don't need lots to cover the face. It doesn't absorb incredibly quickly so allow it a moment to do so before applying the next product. As it's a hyaluronic acid product, it can leave the skin looking shiny and that's very typical of hyaluronic acid products (at least for me it is anyway!). 

The serum layers well with other products within a routine and I find it best to use at night due to the shine left on my skin (note: I have oily skin), but if you have drier skin then you may be okay with using it in the day time too. 

This serum has definitely helped to boost hydration and moisture levels in my skin which has been much needed as we come out of winter and into the spring. Additionally, it has been helping with skin firming and plumping. 

I say that this product would be best suited to those with dry, normal and combination skin types, but those with oily or blemish prone skin wouldn't be negatively affected by extra moisture. Oily skin can be dehydrated too, so a hyaluronic acid serum can be helpful if that's the situation. 

Overall I've been enjoying this serum. It's a mid-range priced product that's still affordable and great quality for the price. 

If you have been intrigued by Bio Balance then do keep your eyes peeled as I have a second post coming up soon featuring a second Bio Balance (and this sentence contained a little hint!).

If you'd like to get your hands on a Bio Balance Super Serum Hyaluronic 3D then you can grab yourself a bottle at Amirose

What are your thoughts on the Bio Balance Super Serum Hyaluronic 3D? Have you tried out a Bio Balance product before?
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