Saturday 30 September 2023

Skinetica Quintessence review

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Hey guys! Clear skin is something that we're all after. The beauty world is overflowing with products designed to provide just that, featuring all of the buzzword ingredients and higher price tags. Skinetica, however, have taken the less is more approach with their offering to the market; Quintessence

Skinetica Quintessence
Skinetica Quintessence

Quintessence by Skinetica is a skincare solution that has it's ingredients stripped back, featuring only a few; the main active ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride (a low level of 0.13%), the patented water stabiliser Organosilane which provides the anti-bacterial residual action on the skin, Propylene Glycol and Deionised Water. As the solution is water based and doesn't include alcohol, there should be no stinging or irritation when using (very helpful when you're dealing with acne!) and also not be drying as it doesn't have astringent properties. 

Quintessence is a different type of product. Whilst a bottle of a liquid like this would normally be assumed to be a toner or cleanser, the primary use of Quintessence is a stand alone skincare product.  It can still be used as a toner (more on that in a moment), but to use, after washing and drying the skin, apply some of the solution to a cotton pad and apply to the skin before allowing to dry. At this point, it can be left as is. Skinetica recommend that other acne treatments aren't used alongside this one as they can interfere with the solution. 

As stated though, it can also be used as a toner, but it needs to fully dry naturally on the skin before any moisturiser is used over the top. It can also be used underneath makeup, but as with moisturiser, it needs to fully dry before any makeup is applied afterwards.

I've been testing Quintessence out for a couple of weeks now and to do so I have used it in both ways (as a toner and alone) as well as underneath nighttime moisturisers and underneath makeup.

Quintessence comes packaged in a translucent, blue plastic bottle with a white flip cap to open it. The bottle contains 100ml of product and the product itself is clear in colour and has a very mild, clinical fragrance that is barely noticeable unless you get your nose close to it.

Skinetica Quintessence
Skinetica Quintessence

Use of the product is so simple and I've been liking the results so far! Quintessence is really light and also slightly cooling on the skin when using (like splashing water on your face type cooling rather than menthol cooling) and there is no stinging or irritation as it's gentle even on irritated skin. It has been helping to reduce redness and prevent blemishes and has been helping to keep my skin clear and brighter. It has also been as effective under moisturisers and makeup with no issues occurring.  

There hasn't been any dryness or oiliness and my skin has been feeling nicely balanced, so it is a product that all skin types can pick up and try out.

I haven't suffered from acne since I was a teenager and therefore am unable to speak too much on it from that perspective, but it does also have rave reviews elsewhere from those who do.

For the price point as well, this is a product that could reduce your skincare costs if it works well for you as it would replace moisturisers and the like also if you use it alone. Either way, it's definitelly worth giving it a try to see how you can reap the benefits of Quintessence within your skincare routine.

You can grab yourself a bottle of Quintessence by Skinetica at Amazon.

What are your thoughts on Skinetica's Quintessence? Do you have other acne products that you love?
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