Saturday 1 July 2023

B'KATE Brow Dip review

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Hi guys! I've recently had the chance to try out the new B'KATE Brow Dip and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

B'KATE Brow Dip
B'KATE Brow Dip

B'KATE is a Dutch brand created by international Brow Artist Marlies Gregorius. They specialise in high quality, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free eyebrow cosmetics. Their Brow Dip is designed to help you to create a natural brow or to build up the colour for a more defined look.

The Brow Dip comes in a range of eight shades including Blonde, Ash Blonde, Soft Brown, Golden Brown, Brunette, Deep Brown, Ash Brown and Smokey Black. I have the shade Ash Brown which is a cooler toned dark brown.

You have likely seen similar products from the likes of Benefit with their extensive eyebrow range and Anastasia Beverly Hills with their own solid brow range.

B'KATE's Brow Dip is long-lasting eyebrow product due to the cream powder formula that sticks to the areas with little to no hair with ease, and if applied with the B'KATE Angled Eyebrow Brush you can create the perfect eyebrow for you.

B'KATE Brow Dip
B'KATE Brow Dip

Applying is straight forward, just dip the brush in the Brow Dip and then apply to the eyebrows. The product is highly pigmented, so if you want a bolder shade to quickly do your brows then that is easily doable here. However,  I recommend being light-handed from start to finish as you can also build it up nicely. Just a gentle dip with the brush (and perhaps a quick dab/gentle wipe on a tissue) before a light-handed application is more than enough for a finished look, but if there are areas that need more then it is straightforward to blend together to make eyebrows look uniform and tidy.

You have enough time to correct mistakes as it's soft enough to keep blending until you have the look you want. To set, it's probably best to add a clear brow gel afterwards.

I am happy to see the inclusion of ash shades within the range. They're not something that are routinely added into a shade range and often times people like myself end up with warmer eyebrow products than the needed shade, making things very noticeable. The Ash Brown shade is a perfect match for me and makes doing my eyebrows a much nicer experience when it comes to the finished look.

Despite the product being long-lasting and not easy to budge after application, it is still easy to remove with makeup remover or a wipe at the end of the day without any issues.

B'KATE Brow Dip before
B'KATE Brow Dip before

B'KATE Brow Dip
B'KATE Brow Dip after

I'm normally a Brow Pencil or brush on Brow Gel type of woman (B'KATE also has these and more available in their range!) and brow dips aren't something that I usually use despite their immense popularity, but I have found this very easy to apply and blend and I have loved the finished looks that I've created with it. I'll definitely be keeping this one in my brow collection to continue achieving the finished looks.

If you'd like to try out the B'KATE Brow Dip or any of their other brow products, you can find them over at Everlasting Atelier.

What are your thoughts on the B'KATE Brow Dip? What are your favourite types of brow products to use?
Let me know in the comments below!

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