Monday 21 December 2020

Ella Mae Snail Slime Shampoo and Snail Slime Regenerating Hair Mask reviews

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Hey guys! Snail slime isn't a new beauty trend, but it is one that definitely hasn't vanished off the beauty radar. Whilst it may sound pretty weird and off putting from the name alone, the benefits of snail slime in both skincare and hair care have been well researched. I'll dive into that more in a moment, but allow me a moment to introduce today's snail slime-based review focus: the Ella Mae Snail Slime Shampoo and Snail Slime Regenerating Mask

Ella Mae Snail Slime Shampoo and Snail Slime Regenerating Mask
Ella Mae Snail Slime Shampoo and Snail Slime Regenerating Mask

Ella Mae is a natural and vegan cosmetic brand from France. They currently focus their attention on natural hair care and also natural snail slime skincare. I've been sent the Ella Mae Snail Slime Shampoo and Snail Slime Regenerating Mask to review here on the blog and therefore will be discussing them here with you today!

So what are the benefits of snail slime in cosmetics? Well, snail slime happens to be full of beneficial proteins (including collagen and elastin, among many others) that help to moisturise, nourish, exfoliate, purify, heal, regenerate and that even have antioxidant effects. In relation to hair care, the moisturising compounds of snail slime help to seal the hair which helps to moisturise both the hair and the scalp. It nourishes, soothes and promotes healthy hair growth.

The Ella Mae Snail Slime Shampoo and Snail Slime Regenerating Mask are designed for scalp and hair regeneration. They are sulfate and paraben free, suitable for vegans and natural. They're suitable for all hair types, including curly, oily/itchy and damaged/dry. They helps to seal the hair and protect it from damage, detangle, nourish the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. 

The Snail Slime Shampoo comes packaged in a shiny, white, plastic bottle with a sleek gold and black font design alongside the pink Ella Mae logo. It holds 250ml of product and has a push cap to dispense the shampoo, which itself is like a thick, clear gel consistency with a subtle clean, fresh fragrance. 

The Snail Slime Regenerating Mask comes in a shiny, white, screw cap, plastic jar that holds 250ml of product. The mask itself is a thick, white consistency and also has a subtle, clean and fresh fragrance. 

Usage and Results:

Neither of the products actually contain instructions on how to use, but the shampoo is typically straightforward. Wet the hair, massage in the required amount, rinse out. However, as the Snail Slime Regenerating Mask doesn't have instructions on how long to leave it on the hair,  I've been using it at your standard time of around 3-4 minutes and I only applied it to the ends of my hair after the shampooing process. I assume that you could use it on the hair for longer or massage into the roots too if you wish, either before or after washing with the shampoo. I guess it's more of a free choice as to how you want to use it. 

Ella Mae Snail Slime Shampoo
Ella Mae Snail Slime Shampoo

The Snail Slime Shampoo is a low lather shampoo, but if you add lots of water you can create more of a lather. If your hair is prone to oiliness you may need to use a little more shampoo and massage it in for longer or do a double wash to make sure that its sufficiently clean due to the low lather. I also find it easier to rinse because of the low lather.

In regards to the Snail Slime Regenerating Mask, I've found that a little goes a long way so you really don't need much to get the desired effects, especially if you have short, oilier hair like myself. Because of this, alongside the shampoo, I feel that you'd run out of the shampoo before the mask despite them both containing the same amount of product. Rinsing the mask takes a bit more time than the shampoo due to it being thicker, but once it's rinsed the hair feels super soft. Brushing is also far easier as it really does help with detangling. 

Since using the Snail Slime Shampoo and Regenerating Mask my hair has been less frizzy, even with the cold weather and my excessive beanie hat wearing, so that's a major plus! It has also been feeling softer and looking shinier. 

Even though this shampoo and mask are moisturising, I don't think that it causes issues with oily hair. My hair type is oily and itchy and it doesn't make my hair feel greasier more quickly. With that said, it hasn't helped so much with the dry/itchy scalp issue, so if that is an issue for you you may need to complement with a product that does help (such as a scalp scrub) or you may be interested in checking out the Ella Mae Boo Boo Plush Shampoo which is designed for detoxing the hair and to help with scalp conditions such as psoriasis, dry/flaky scalp and sensitive skin. 

Ella Mae Snail Slime Regenerating Mask
Ella Mae Snail Slime Regenerating Mask

Overall, I do really like the Snail Slime Shampoo and Snail Slime Regenerating Mask. I feel that they're quite luxurious products to use and they're really effective, sticking to what they promise to do. Thinking about the fact that they contain snail slime can make it a bit odd at first, especially when you see that the shampoo is a clear gel. However, when using, it's really not weird at all. They feel, look and smell like quality, luxurious products and are great products to try if you're looking for something to moisturise and regenerate thirsty locks.

If you'd like to buy the Ella Mae Snail Slime Shampoo and Snail Slime Regenerating Mask, or if you'd like to check out the rest of their hair ranges or snail slime skincare, you can find them all over at the Ella Mae website

What are your thoughts on the Ella Mae Snail Slime Shampoo and Regenerating Mask? Have you tried snail slime products before?
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