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Naturecan CBD Skincare range review

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Hi guys! CBD has been incorporating itself into the beauty world a lot lately and you're beginning to see it in every type of product from lip balm to shampoo. Today we're going to talk a little bit about why it is such a big beauty ingredient right now and also review a range of CBD skincare products from a UK based CBD brand - Naturecan

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Naturecan CBD Beauty Range
Naturecan CBD Beauty Range

This post is going to feature a collection of six Naturecan CBD beauty products: the Naturecan Nourish Multi-Use Balm, Hydrate Moisturiser, Restore Hand Cream, Lip Balm, Lavender Massage Oil and the Purify Clay Mask. Each of the products contains CBD along with a range of other beneficial, natural ingredients which vary by product. 

For those of you who don't yet know too much about what CBD is or how it can help with our skin, I'll do a quick explanation of what it is and how it helps and also provide links for you to read more about it.

CBD is short for cannabidiol which is an extract of the cannabis plant. The oil is extracted and filtered so that the remaining oil is free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol - the psychoactive part of cannabis that causes the 'high') meaning that it is non-addictive and has zero psychoactive effects. This allows you to receive all of the benefits of the CBD with no THC effects. 

CBD has many positive effects when ingested (pain relief, good for anxiety and so on - read here for more on this), but for the sake of this post we're going to focus in on the benefits of its inclusion in skincare products.

" On the surface, CBD delivers a chemical-free way to fight breakouts and inflammation, but it also offers a promising solution to tackling more stubborn, recurring issues. In a study published in the Journal of Dermatological Science, researchers found that when CBD was applied to human skin cells, it actually inhibited the overproduction of keratinocytes (specific skin cells) that are commonly seen in psoriasis. This is further evidence to support CBD working to realign bodily processes that may be adversely affecting the quality of your skin, including its softness, cleanliness, and ability to retain important moisture." - Naturecan

And for those who may be suffering with acne, here is some further good news:

" Based on recent scientific studies, CBD oil may help treat acne due to the anti-inflammatory properties explored earlier, and how this is linked to the body’s ability to reduce sebum production. One test-tube study found that CBD oil prevented sebaceous gland cells from secreting excessive sebum, exerted anti-inflammatory actions and prevented the activation of ‘pro-acne’ agents like inflammatory cytokines.4 This offers some proof to the claim that the CBD found in skin products, dependant on their strength and quality, can not only help maintain the balance your body needs but actually help to reverse life-altering condition such as acne." - Naturecan

As I've got a lot of products to cover in this post, I'm going to keep my reviews of each individual product fairly brief and focus more on the range overall. I'll begin by discussing the common traits of the range before moving onto each product individually and then summarising with my thoughts on the range together at the end.

Naturecan CBD Beauty Range

All of the Naturecan products that are featured in today's post are natural, vegan products. As stated in the intro, they are all guaranteed to be free of THC and are GMO free.

The range is packaged in simple, white, plastic packaging with the Naturecan logo in green and other product info in dark grey.

I've found that all of the tested products have quite a strong herbaceous smell, but it's balanced out beautifully. The Lip Balm and the Clay Mask are the most herby-scented products of the collection that I have received.

Naturecan Hydrate CBD Moisturiser (100mg CBD, 30ml)

Naturecan Hydrate CBD Moisturiser
Naturecan Hydrate CBD Moisturiser

The Naturecan Hydrate CBD Moisturiser is a daily moisturiser that is recommended for day and night time use. It contains CBD, squalane, hyaluronic acid, shea and cocoa butters, aloe vera and avocado and hemp seed oils. Additionally, it contains salicylic acid which is great for blemishes and exfoliation and a couple of other essential oils that are also beneficial for fighting blemishes (bergamot and orange)

It is designed to be hydrating, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and also perfect for sensitive skin. 

My skin is very oily, but this winter it has been feeling a little drier than normal. I'm suspecting that this has something to do with the frequent face mask use due to Covid, but it has given me a great opportunity to test out a moisturiser from a different perspective. The Hydrate Moisturiser has been really helping to ease dryness without also triggering my skin into oily mode, so it's been a brilliant balancing product. It has also helped with reducing redness and fighting small blemishes - win!

Naturecan CBD Lip Balm (30mg CBD, 10ml)

Naturecan CBD Lip Balm
Naturecan CBD Lip Balm

The Naturecan CBD Lip Balm features light, moisturising beeswax, vitamin E, coconut oil, petrolatum jelly and sweet citrus and orange oils alongside the CBD. 

A little really goes a long way with this Lip Balm and I mean that in two ways; firstly, you don't need much balm to cover your lips. Secondly, it lasts quite a long time which can be a difficult task for most lip balms. I feel like I have to apply it far less frequently. Additionally, it also isn't very glossy. This makes it a great choice for those who just want a functional lip balm without it looking like makeup.

In regards to how it works, I've found that it has been helping to relieve dry lips (particularly great now that we have reached the colder weather months here and with the continuous mask wearing) and the citrus oils also help with exfoliation. 

Naturecan Restore CBD Hand Cream (100mg CBD, 30ml)

Naturecan Restore CBD Hand Cream
Naturecan Restore CBD Hand Cream

The Naturecan Restore CBD Hand Cream contains hyaluronic acid, squalane, vitamin E, aloe vera, avocado and hemp seed oils and shea and cococa butters. 

I think that the biggest thing about a hand cream is how it absorbs. We ideally need it to be a balance between being hydrating and yet not over greasy so that we can use it throughout the day without our hands feeling sticky or greasy. This one does absorb pretty quickly, but can get slightly (only slightly) greasy if you use more than you need. If you use less and then add more if you feel that you need more, there is no sticky or greasy feeling left on the hands and you are just left with really soft skin. 

My hands get really terrible during the winter and they get super dry and sore, but this hand cream along with the hand wash that I reviewed in my previous post have really helped to get my hands back into shape. 

Naturecan Nourish CBD Multi-Use Balm (100mg CBD, 30ml)

Naturecan Nourish CBD Multi-Use Balm
Naturecan Nourish CBD Multi-Use Balm

The Naturecan Nourish Multi-Use Balm is a balm that can be used in a variety of ways but is primarily focused on aching muscles or sore, irritated skin. It includes shea butter, vitamin E and oils of coconut, avocado, chia seed and hemp seed alongside the CBD. 

I'm such a sucker for multi-purpose balm like products so I was really happy to get to try this one. I've been using it for different things, from soothing dry patches of skin to rubbing it into my shoulders at the end of the day (when not using the Massage Oil). 

I find that it works amazingly on dry skin, providing instant relief and a lot of hydration. As a muscle balm I didn't find it to be a miracle worker (but we have got the massage oil which works a little better at this coming up in the post) but it still feels nice to apply and it helps somewhat to relax aching. 

Naturecan Purify CBD Clay Mask (100mg CBD, 50ml)

Naturecan Purify CBD Clay Mask
Naturecan Purify CBD Clay Mask

The Naturecan Purify Clay Mask is a natural, facial detox mask. It is best suited to those with sensitive, oily or combination skin types, particularly if they're blemish prone also. Along with the CBD, the Purify Clay Mask contains green clay, bentonite clay, aloe vera, hemp fibres, hemp seed, bergamot and orange oils and salicylic acid. 

To use, you need to apply to clean, dry skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes before removing with warm water.

For a clay mask, the consistency is a little watery to what you may imagine it to be. Therefore, don't expect to be applying a thick layer onto the skin. With that said, a thinner clay mask is actually faster at drying and far easier to remove - a major plus if you hate the clay mask removal process. The thin layer also made the mask more comfortable to use as it didn't tighten the skin too much or make it feel itchy - another bonus, particularly if you have sensitive skin. 

Results wise, I've been really happy with how it has been making my skin look and feel. It looks brighter and detoxed with redness reduced also. I do love the results of clay masks and my oily skin tends to thank me for using them, so if you have the same skin type as me then I recommend checking this one out!

Naturecan Lavender CBD Massage Oil (500mg CBD, 100ml)

Naturecan Lavender CBD Massage Oil
Naturecan Lavender CBD Massage Oil 

The Naturecan Massage Oil is described as being the "perfect CBD companion" for easing deep tissue tightness. It contains almond oil and lavender with the CBD for a relaxing and soothing massage. 

You only need a little of this at a time as it goes a long way, but it is the perfect massage oil for relaxation. Lavender is fantastic for helping to relax and this oil smells primarily of lavender. Therefore, it's a solid choice for when you want to unwind (or to help someone, like your partner, unwind). 

The CBD element seems to help somewhat with easing muscle tension but in addition to that, this oil leaves the skin feeling super smooth and hydrated after your massage. If you don't overdo it with how much you use it's also not too greasy, absorbing nicely into the skin. 

And there we have it!

Overall I've been enjoying this range. I do take CBD oil daily along with using this range so as long as you remember not to use more than the recommended amount in total throughout the day then you should be fine. Due to the content in these skincare products, you should be totally fine to use these in combination even if you do take CBD oil daily, but if you take a high dosage then do remember to work it out!

My favourite products from the collection are the Purify CBD Clay Mask and the Hydrate CBD Moisturiser as I think they've been working great for me, but I do recommend checking out the entire range. 

If you'd like to try out Naturecan products, you can find them at the Naturecan website. Additionally, if you use the code NATURE1 you can receive 30% off your first order (and if you pass this onto your friends then they can receive 30% off their first order and you can receive 30% off your next order too!).

Alongside their beauty range you can also find all of their other CBD products, including supplement oils, cookies and brownies, capsules and so much more. 

What are your thoughts on the Naturecan beauty range? Have you tried CBD infused skincare?
Let me know in the comments below!

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