Sunday 11 August 2019

Wicked Gummy Co. Vitamins Range review

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Hi guys! I’ve been a bit quiet lately (but most certainly still here), but I’m here today with a whopper of a review discussing 5 different beneficial gummy vitamins for your hair, skin, nails and health. If you’re a regular reader of the blog you may have seen some other posts over the last year or so discussing different hair, nail and skin vitamins, but today we’re definitely taking it up a notch with a whole range to show you. Not only are we talking beauty vitamins, but we’re looking at multivitamins, natural sleep and anxiety/depression aids, probiotics and vitamin D goodness. 

Wicked Gummy Co. range
Wicked Gummy Co. range

Wicked Gummy Co. is a new vitamins brand that just hit the market who offer a range of gummy vitamins that are vegan friendly, allergy friendly and contain no added sugar.  The collection includes:

  • Vitamin D Sunshine Gummies - 1000% of your RDI of vitamin D to help strengthen bones, muscle and teeth. Also good for those who follow a plant based diet. Orange flavour 
  • Hair, Skin & Nails - a blend of biotin, vitamins A, C D2 & E, zinc and folate to help provide and maintain healthy hair, glowing skin and stronger nails. Mixed berry flavour
  • Peaceful ZZZZZ - valerian root, passiflora and 5-HTP, a combination to increase serotonin levels, helping to aid sleep, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, weight gain and more. Passion fruit flavour
  • Multivitamin - a blend of essential daily vitamins, including A, B6, C, D & E as well as selenium, biotin and niacin. Overall helping the immune system, normal vision, bone health, psychological function, fatigue, cell protection and maintenance of the hair, skin and nails. Lemon flavour
  • Happy Tummy - a probiotic gummy that contains friendly bacteria to keep your gut flora in balance helping with digestive health, weight loss and immune function. Yoghurt flavour 

Each of the Wicked Gummy Co. vitamins come in packs of 60 and have a dosage of 2 gummies per day, so one bottle will last 30 days. You can purchase each bottle individually, in special duo packs or as a large bundle. The duo packs and bundles carry a very decent discount.

Wicked Gummy Co. Multivitamin gummies and Vitamin D Sunshine Gummies
Wicked Gummy Co. Multivitamin gummies and Vitamin D Sunshine Gummies

The bottles are clear plastic with a black safety screw cap lid. They each have a black sticker wrapped around the bottle with product info. The gummies themselves are all circular and dome shaped except for the Peaceful ZZZZZ gummies which are shaped like bears.

As you may imagine, trying to go into detail about how each kind of vitamin has helped me specifically is going to be difficult when some cross over in regards to what benefits they have. Therefore I am going to discuss the Wicked Gummy Co. range as a group but make some comments about the individual vitamins as we go. 

Taking gummy vitamins is like a little daily treat. They’re packed with good stuff but taste like sweets, so it really adds a bit of fun to something some people can see as a bit of a pain to remember.  

Wicked Gummy Co. Multivitamin gummies and Vitamin D Sunshine Gummies
Wicked Gummy Co. Multivitamin gummies and Vitamin D Sunshine Gummies
Each gummy is about 1cm in diameter except for the bear shaped ones which are like large gummy bears. 

If you are taking them together and not straight out of the pots (you may put them in a different pot for storage, or if you’re taking them away on holiday in a bag like I did) then I think it’s worth noting that the Vitamin D Sunshine Gummies and the Multivitamins are almost the exact same colour wise. If you need to take them on holiday or something then you either have to bag them separately or hold them up to the light to tell the difference so that you don’t accidentally take too many of one and not enough of the other. The Vitamin D gummy is slightly darker than the Multivitamin, so holding them up to the light is usually enough to tell. 

Flavour wise they’re all pretty tasty, but my favourite is the multivitamin which comes in lemon flavour. It’s closely followed by the Hair, Skin & Nails gummies and the Peaceful ZZZZZ gummies.

Let’s talk about the results though.

Wicked Gummy Co. Hair, Skin and Nails gummies
Wicked Gummy Co. Hair, Skin and Nails gummies

In regards to skin, hair and nails, the main improvement I’ve seen has been with my nails, followed up by my skin and then my hair. My nails have been growing in much stronger and breaking far less often. My skin has been clear except for a couple of minor breakouts, and my hair has been a little glossier. 

Wicked Gummy Co. Peaceful ZZZZZ sleep aid gummies
Wicked Gummy Co. Peaceful ZZZZZ sleep aid gummies

My favourite sleep aid is my trusty Dr. Stuart’s Valerian Plus tea which is heavy on valerian root, so this is an ingredient that I know works well for me. When I saw that the Peaceful ZZZZZ gummies contained valerian root my hopes were raised and I was not disappointed. Within an hour of taking two of these gummies I end up completely unable to keep my eyes open. They help to get me into a deep sleep where I wake up feeling more relaxed and peaceful. Definitely two thumbs up from me for these, they work really well. 

Wicked Gummy Co. Happy Tummy probiotic gummies
Wicked Gummy Co. Happy Tummy probiotic gummies

Since being recommended them last summer I’ve been taking probiotics on a daily basis. As of yet, I’ve not come across a gummy probiotic on the market (but if you know of another then please do correct me!), so the Happy Tummy gummies seem new to me in that respect.

Whilst taking them I’ve not had many issues with things like bloating and my tummy has been feeling good.

Overall though in regards to my general health it’s hard to say how much of an improvement the probiotics, Vitamin D and Multivitamin are making after only taking them for one month so far, especially as it’s during the summer. There aren’t as many bugs going around at this time of year, but I’ve not been unwell except for my allergies. I’ve been feeling physically good though as I stated above and I’ve had slightly more energy than normal.

Wicked Gummy Co. range
Wicked Gummy Co. range

As a whole I’ve been liking these vitamins a lot. I think that the wider range of the types of gummies that they have available is what makes them stand out in the gummy vitamin market and their deals on buying more than one type make them a good option financially in comparison to some other gummy brands also.

If you’re a fan of gummy vitamins or if you’ve been interesting in trying some out, I do recommend checking out the range from Wicked Gummy Co. In their own words, healthy never tasted so naughty

You can find the full range of Wicked Gummy Co. gummies at Wicked Gummy Co.

What are your thoughts on gummy vitamins? Which of the Wicked Gummy Co. range takes your interest the most?

Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. Very useful review- every other review I've read of these gummies have been vague, roughly 4 lines long, and largely useless.