Thursday 8 August 2019

Update & Bondi Sands news

Hey guys! I want to start off by giving you all a massive apology for being so quiet recently both on the blog and social media. I promise that I’ve not disappeared, but I’ve had to prioritise some family stuff. It’s nothing bad so absolutely no need to worry, but it has been very time consuming.

I just wanted to let you know that the blog is still alive and I have posts that are currently being worked on. One shall be online later this week. In addition, I wanted to update you all on a collaborative post I took part in with Bondi Sands recently titled Bondi Sands’ Best Beauty Tips for 2019. I’d really love it if you could check it out and see not only my best tip but some fab tips from others also!

I’m hoping on having the weekly posts back on track within the next month-2 months, but aiming more to the month timescale. Until then I shall be getting content onto the blog as and when I can.

Thanks so much for your support and patience!

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