Sunday 3 March 2019

Femme Luxe Outfit reviews

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Hey guys! So this week I’m hitting you up with something COMPLETELY different, but I hope that you enjoy it! 

I was recently contacted by Femme Luxe and was offered the choice of 4 outfits to order and review for you all today, and having never done a fashion based post before I thought it would be a fab idea to switch it up for one post whilst keeping some beauty related twist to it. 

Admittedly I love shopping online. For me it can be the big crowds that deter me in store along with the fact that I am so much more willing to throw my money at everything if I shop in person and then not be as keen on my choices later (it’s primarily the second reason). Online stores though can obviously come with a risk. You read so many horror stories about not getting the product you thought you were ordering or at the quality you’re led to believe (I’ve been there too), so trying out a new store may be a bit of a deterrent. That shouldn’t be the case though as there are some amazing online stores out there to check out, and - spoiler alert - Femme Luxe is one of them.  

They describe themselves as being a "current, classy and forward thinking online fashion brand".

I chose some jumpers, a loungewear set and a jacket

So how am I going to keep this fashion based post related to beauty? Well, with each outfit I thought about a complimentary beauty feature to go alongside them, so as I talk about each outfit I’m also going to talk a bit about the makeup look and what I chose to compliment each product I’m reviewing. 

I hope that you enjoy the switch up this week as much as I have! Let’s jump on in.

Fuchsia Knitted Oversized Polo Neck Jumper

Femme Luxe Fuchsia Knitted Oversized Polo Neck Jumper

I’m going to start off with this incredibly warm and bright knitted jumper which I feel is the perfect addition to everyone’s wardrobe as we transition from winter into spring. Over here in the UK the weather doesn’t really start warming up into way into spring, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to start adding some brighter colours to our wardrobe. 

This bright pink jumper is oversized and insanely comfortable to wear. It’s also thick enough to wear without a coat on days where the weather is a little warmer (think our nice February "heatwave" where I wore this out sans coat). With that said, it will also fit underneath a nice, loose coat if you do need a bit of extra warmth. 

Femme Luxe Fuchsia Knitted Oversized Polo Neck Jumper
Femme Luxe Fuchsia Knitted Oversized Polo Neck Jumper

In addition to fuchsia it also comes in neon lime green, cream and grey.

I got the size S/M and it does come up a little bit due to it being oversized. However, this size also fit my sister who is a size 14/16 and she adores it too. 

I teamed mine up with some comfy leggings and my favourite Adidas trainers for a super easy to wear, daytime look.

In the makeup department, it had to be a bright lip to go with this jumper. I chose Dior Addict Lacquer Plump in the shade Fever which is a vivid pink with blue and purple shimmer. It’s hard to say which is brighter, the jumper or the lip gloss! Either way, I love bright colours, so this was such a great combo for me.

Femme Luxe Fuchsia Knitted Oversized Polo Neck Jumper
Femme Luxe Fuchsia Knitted Oversized Polo Neck Jumper

Whole makeup look includes:

Too Faced Better Than Sex and Size Queen (Discontinued?) Mascara’s 

Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set

Femme Luxe Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set
Next up I went for something that was a little out of my comfort zone but something that I’ve always wanted to have, an all red, knitted loungewear set

The material of this is super soft and comfortable but a little see through. Therefore, if you plan to wear this outside on a sunny day, make sure that you have the right underwear on! Otherwise for lounging around in at home this is the perfect choice. The material is very lightweight so it’s such an easy thing to throw on and feel at ease in whilst you’re staying at home (and is what I’m wearing as I type up this post!). I got the size S 8/10 and it is also available in black, khaki, beige and grey.

Femme Luxe Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set
Femme Luxe Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set
Something I thought I’d note though is that if you wear rings or other types of jewellery, do be careful that it doesn’t snag. 

Femme Luxe Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set
Femme Luxe Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set
I teamed mine up again with my fave Adidas trainers, but makeup wise I kept it simple. I did take the photos the same day as the following two outfits so I shall summarise the full makeup look after the last photo, but I did change up the lip product for this photo. With that said though the key beauty products for this one were Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm and the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Highlighting Eyeshadow Palette Volume. III. A simple lip balm had to be the way to go if you’re planning on wearing this for chilling out in at home, but if you want to venture out and about shopping etc and want to jazz up your eyes, the Tarte eyeshadow palette is a great one to check out. It is full of shimmery nude shades which are designed to be like a highlighter for your eyes. I personally adore shimmery and glossy eyeshadows at the moment, so this was definitely my choice.

Animal Snake Print Biker Jacket

Femme Luxe Animal Snake Print Biker Jacket
For my third choice I went for something which you might just be seeing everywhere right now: snake print. I love the snake print trend at the moment because snakes are my favourite animal (and for you Harry Potter fans out there, yes I was proudly sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore both when it first opened and when they switched things up, but my wand wood and core show that I’m a nice Slytherin rather than an evil one 😄).

The snake print biker jacket is a thinner jacket so it is perfect as we step into the warmer weather. It’s a little oversized which I love, so I think it looks better undone rather than done up. I got the size S.

Femme Luxe Animal Snake Print Biker Jacket
Femme Luxe Animal Snake Print Biker Jacket
This jacket is such an easy to wear one with the right outfit. It won’t go with everything, but I love the laid back look of ripped, black jeans and a loose fitting white vest top, so this was the perfect addition to add a new vibe to my keeping-it-simple sense of style. Shoe wise I went with my wear-all-the-time, favourite high-heeled black, zip-up boots, but makeup wise I felt that it had to be a classic red lip. 

Femme Luxe Animal Snake Print Biker Jacket
Femme Luxe Animal Snake Print Biker Jacket
I went with the Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick in the shade Ruby Kiss. Avon’s Perfectly Matte Lipsticks easily have some of my favourite lipstick shade/formula combos to wear and my review of them is my most viewed blog post of all time, so I know you guys love it too! If you haven’t checked it out or if you haven’t yet tried out the Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks then please do check them out!

Alternatively, if you’re a bit braver, you could always try a really stand out lip with this jacket. I toyed around with the idea of a navy blue or dark green lipstick shade, but the red won out. 

White Fluffy Long Sleeved Crop Jumper

Femme Luxe White Fluffy Long Sleeved Crop Jumper
And last but not least, I went with this beautifully cosy, fluffy white cropped jumper. Again, this is such an easy to wear jumper. It’s pretty thin, but oh so warm thanks to its fluffiness. The V neckline is low, but not too low and it is a little lower around the back of the neck too, coming down to show in between the shoulders slightly. 

I can see myself wearing this jumper an absolute ton as it’s just so comfortable to wear. Alongside that, it’s versatile so you could wear it with so many things. Jeans are an obvious option, but a cute skirt would go well also as well as some smarter trousers or even leather trousers/leggings. 

It is also available in black, grey and rose.

Femme Luxe White Fluffy Long Sleeved Crop Jumper
Femme Luxe White Fluffy Long Sleeved Crop Jumper
As I took this photo the same day as the above outfit, I kept on the ripped, black jeans and black, high-heeled boots for this one, but I changed out the red lipstick for one of my favourite nude shades of the moment: the MAC Liptensity Lipstick in the shade Clouds in My Coffee.   The key, stand out beauty product for this outfit wasn’t the lipstick choice though, it was the perfume choice. Whilst the jumper is so soft and fluffy, I went with a starkly contrasting fragrance choice with one of my all-time favourites in Vivienne Westwood’s Boudoir

Boudoir is such a dark, sexy and intense perfume but it can also be very comforting. It’s heavy on carnation, but also aldehydes, vanilla and tobacco notes along with other florals and spices. It’s bold and it’s loud, so it’s not for everyone, but I love wearing it as a contrast type of scent in the day time as well as a heavier night time scent. 

The full makeup look shared some of the same products as the first outfit (foundation, concealer, mascara, brow products, primer), but I shall list below the other products that are different from the first full makeup look for the above three pictures (minus the lipsticks which were all different and mentioned with each outfit):

And there we have it! I hope that you’ve enjoyed the mix up in posts this week! I’ve had a lot of fun writing about something a bit different. I want to thank Femme Luxe for getting in touch for this collaboration, I really enjoyed it! I also want to thank my sister, Polly, and my niece Zara for lending a hand this week by taking the photos for me that feature in this post. 

If you’re on the hunt for a new online shop or if you’re a bit nervous about trying out a new online store, I do recommend checking out Femme Luxe. They have a wide variety of styles for everyone so you’re bound to find something that you like. The quality is also incredibly great.

You can find all of today’s outfits at Femme Luxe.

What are your thoughts on the outfits in today’s post? Which is your favourite piece?
Let me know in the comments below!

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