Monday 5 May 2014

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Velvet Luminescence moisturising cream for normal to combination skin review

Givenchy’s Hydra Sparkling Velvet Luminescence moisturising cream for normal to combination skin (a bit of a mouthful, there!)  is a light, oil-free hydrating moisturiser that features a patented, five-molecule, ’sparkling water’ complex to provide radiant skin. It is part of their Hydra Sparkling skincare range and this particular moisturiser also has a twin that is available for severely dry - dry skin.

On my most recent visit to Debenhams, the lady at the Givenchy stand very kindly provided me with a sample of their Hydra Sparkling moisturiser (I’m not going to keep typing out the full name as I assume that it is just as exhausting reading it over and over as much as it is to type it out repetitively!) and the complimentary night cream (which yes, does come with an equally long name! - Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Night Repair Recovery Moisturising Mask & Cream). 

At first I was a little hesitant to test it as anything that claims to provide 'luminescence' is usually a disaster for me. I’m sure that you are aware by now if you are a regular reader, but I have incredibly oily skin. Therefore, this is the type of product that I usually stay away from even though I have the occasional dehydrated skin issue.

Using products to combat oily skin can actually cause dehydration whilst still being like an oil slick. However, a lot of products that combat dehydration usually make oily skin worse, cause breakouts etc. I usually find that this is due to oils that are included that end up clogging up the pores. It's such a nightmare of a problem where products to help a certain issue just make the other issue worse!

When I read the ingredients of this particular cream though, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was oil-free, so I gave it a go.

A full size pot includes 50ml of product. As it comes in a pot, I would use a cotton bud to sweep out a little bit of product for each use. I don’t really like putting my fingers into products because of germs and so on. As I said at the beginning of this post though, I currently only have a sample of it, so this isn’t an issue. I also think that the smell is beautiful! To me it smells very fresh and clean.

A little of this goes a long way. I barely have to use any at all to cover the entire face. It also absorbs very quickly into the skin.

After I applied this, I was happy to see that as it melted into my skin, there was no shine left behind like I usually get when I test ‘hydrating’ moisturisers. It just absorbed and left my skin smooth and radiant and comfortable. Radiance is difficult for me as I just end up shiny, so seeing my face looking radiant without looking like an oil slick was an amazing surprise! My skin even looked firmer with my pores shrinking in appearance (minimally, but still a noticeable difference to normal). It almost has the same type of effect as Clinique’s All-Over Clearing Treatment in regards to the finish, just with more luminance (this cream doesn’t have any blemish fighting claims though, so if a blemish moisturiser is what you are after then definitely check out Clinique’s!).

On the flip side, if you, like me, tend to use a lot of oil-reducing and blemish-reducing products, you may find yourself with dehydrated skin. I found this cream to be fantastic at reducing the feeling of dehydrated skin without making my skin look oilier. However, I still feel the need to use my Anti-Blemish moisturiser. So, instead of piling on both at the same time, I’m planning on saving my Hydra Sparkling cream for those days where my skin does feel a little dehydrated from the Anti-Blemish products.

If you don't have blemishes or oily skin (I envy you!), then I highly recommend that you test this! The effect is pretty amazing and I am sure that if I didn't have such problematic skin that I would be using this every single day.

Along with this, I found this moisturiser to be so lightweight which I think is going to be perfect for summer! Also the radiant effect lasts all day which will help to provide that gorgeous summer glow.

A full size tub of this cream is £39 from Debenhams

Have you ever tried any Givenchy skincare products? What do you use for dehydrated skin?
Let me know in the comments below!


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