Thursday 8 May 2014

Cosmo Blog Awards

The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in association with Next are back for 2014, celebrating the best of the blogging world!

I'm aware that you have possibly seen a whole bunch of this type of post lately and I would like to apologise for straying from my regular theme of post. However, I would genuinely really appreciate your help.

I have entered two categories of the awards and would be forever grateful if you were to nominate me!

The two awards that I have put myself forward for are:

Best Newcomer - sponsored by Next

You can vote for me here by filling out a short form.

Best New Beauty Blog

You can vote for me here by filling out a short form.

I understand that it means that you have to go out of your way to fill in the forms, but I honestly won't be able to thank you enough if you put a nomination my way. It would truly mean the world to me!

I have been working incredibly hard in an attempt to provide my readers with what I hope is quality content and useful information in regards to products that I have tested. Even if you have only read one post and enjoyed it then hopefully it was enough for you to want to vote for me!

I have to admit that I'm fairly rubbish when it comes to trying to explain why I think that I 'deserve' to win. There are so many fantastic new blogs out there that it's super hard to compete against them! One vote alone would be enough to make me feel as if I have accomplished something because it would mean that one person heard what I had to say and thought that my blog was worth that vote, which would be amazing!

Thank you if you do nominate me, and please let me know if you do so I can thank you properly!

My normal posts will resume tomorrow.


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