Sunday 10 November 2019

Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant review

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Hey guys! I’m back! Thank you so much for your patience whilst I had some things to deal with, but I’m here again and today I’m bringing you a post about a product that I received recently from a brand called Norfolk Natural Living.

Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant
Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant

The Natural Deodorant from Norfolk Natural Living is described as being a unisex, "refreshing, long-lasting natural deodorant" that is made of natural ingredients, is vegan friendly and is free of aluminium and parabens. It has also never been tested on animals and is good to the environment (and the packaging is made of recycled materials). In addition to acting as a deodorant, it also contains hydrating ingredients to keep your underarms moisturised. All ingredients used are also gentle enough for sensitive skin.

The Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant comes in a range of four fragrances; fig, rose, sea salt and lime. I have the fragrance sea salt and it smells lovely and refreshing, like hanging around at the sea side. I imagine it would be particularly great for the summer months!

Alongside the deodorant, Norfolk Natural Living have a varied range of other natural products for sale, including skincare, bodycare and haircare as well as household and cleaning products. So if you like your household products to be as natural as your skincare, maybe you’d like to check out the rest of their range.

Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant
Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant

Going back to the deodorant though, each bottle is 50ml in size and is made of glass with a shiny, plastic screw cap lid. The deodorant has a rollerball inside to apply it with and the deodorant itself is a pale yellow in colour.

I love the style of the bottle and the packaging. I also love how it looked when I opened the box as I felt that the packaging and the bottle itself had a nice, rustic vibe to it. Therefore, I took all the photos of the bottle still in the box so that you could all appreciate that vibe also!

Application and Results:

To apply this Natural Deodorant is no different to applying any regular rollerball deodorant; simply roll onto clean, dry underarms.

As it’s a natural deodorant though, I feel it important to discuss something that is mentioned on the Norfolk Natural Living website: the deodorant detox. If you’ve never used a natural deodorant before and you are used to anti-perspirants then you may experience what is called a deodorant detox a week or so after swapping.

Anti-perspirants are designed to clog the pores of your skin to prevent sweat from escaping. Natural deodorants are designed to work against the bacteria in your armpits that cause odour. After making the swap, the pores under your arms will need to unclog, meaning that you may sweat more than normal for a short period of time. This is okay, but there are ways you can work through it as explained on the Norfolk Natural Living website (click through to read more if this takes your interest!).

Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant
Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant

You don’t need to use too much of this at a time, just a few swipes, and then you need to give it some time to dry. It isn’t very fast drying, so you need to give it a short while to dry before getting dressed. It doesn’t stain clothes, but you want it to be dry before getting dressed as to not wipe it all back off again. 

The fragrance is subtle, so it’s not a deodorant that you’re going to smell from a mile away but it does help to keep you smelling fresh. It’s not going to play around with the scent of your perfume, for example, by being overpowering. 

Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant
Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant

The most common issue that you hear of with a natural deodorant is that they don’t last too long, as in you’re gonna be catching a whiff of yourself faster than you care to. I’m happy to feed back that doesn’t seem to be an issue so far with this one! I spoke about the detox stage earlier on in the post and this is something I didn’t have to go through as I usually use natural deodorants anyway, so if you do have to go through that stage then just remember to keep it in mind and wait for it to pass.

With that said, it isn’t an anti-perspirant. Therefore you may sweat, but this deodorant will work hard to make sure that the bacteria doesn’t become bad smelling.

Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant
Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant

Overall, I’ve really been liking this deodorant. I like how long-lasting it actually is as that can be a pain with some natural deodorants. I’ve used a lot of them in the past and whilst I haven’t necessarily gotten around to reviewing every single one, there are some out there that I haven’t enjoyed using as much (mainly because they don’t last very long). This one has been great though, so I do recommend checking it out if you’re after a genuinely good natural deodorant.

Product rating: 8/10

You can grab a bottle of the Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant from the Norfolk Natural Living website.

What are your thoughts on the Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant? Are you a fan of natural deodorants?
Let me know in the comments below! 

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