My name is Zoe and I am a 20-something mum living in the UK.

I decided to start this blog as I have always had a love for beauty products (my biggest vices being perfume and nail varnish!), but when I became a mum a lot of things in my life had to change. My daily beauty routine had to be quickened, my product budget cut, space becomes an issue and touching up and refreshing during the day becomes impossible.

This then gave me a fantastic reason to explore a whole new collection of beauty related products, all with the aim to create a new routine that was better suited to my new lifestyle and that didn't ever jeopardise my time spent looking after my children. When I find new goodies though, I tend to want to tell everybody about them!

I strongly believe that all parents should grasp onto something that they love and enjoy that is separate from parenting. If they don't have that something to have fun with or enjoy then life can become full of all sorts of stress and misery. This, in addition to my love of discussing great new beauty finds, then led me into the world of blogging.

When I first began this blog, the main goal was to tell other mums and busy women in general who have the same goal of reducing their routine time about products that I discover and how it will also affect their routines.

Over time though, it has become increasingly difficult to write from this particular angle without feeling a little repetitive. How many times can you explain that applying toner will take you about 30 seconds, for example? Therefore, my posts have become generally about products that I've been testing out and that I think other curious beauty lovers may enjoy.

Along with this, I occasionally post reviews on baby toiletries. I still write a lot of my posts with mothers in mind (especially those posts about how to disguise or reduce the look of fatigue!), and as a mother myself I find it easier to have all the information I may want/need in one place. Having the odd baby-related post means that it is all on one website, only a click or two away.

This does not mean that if you are not a mum that you can't check out what I'm writing about though! Whilst some posts are targeted towards mothers, the majority can (hopefully) be informative or enjoyable for all.
I review all types of beauty products; makeup, body care and skin care, as well as baby toiletries. However, as I live in the UK, my reviews may refer to shops/places to buy that are based in the UK.

I hope that you enjoy it!

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