Monday, 13 June 2016

Beautifinous will be back shortly!

Hi guys!

Today's post is just a quick one to inform everybody that there won't be any posts for a couple of weeks here on the blog as I am taking some much needed time off. :)

I won't be gone forever and I will still be posting on Twitter where I will keep everybody updated as to when a new post will go live.

Stay amazing everybody and keep your eyes peeled for a new post in a couple of weeks!

Zoe. @Beautifinous

Friday, 10 June 2016

Is this the best way to remove makeup?

We all know that removing makeup can become a chore and we are all on the hunt to find the best makeup remover. You may have seen them, but the MakeUp Eraser makeup remover cloth brings with it the promise to remove your makeup with just water. Magic! However, they come in at around £15 and one cloth isn't going to last forever, so from the money perspective, where is the benefit?

Best way to remove makeup
Remove makeup with just glorious, magical water!

That's where today's beauty tip comes in: micorofibre cloths.

Yep, those things that you use to clean your kitchen can also be used to remove your makeup. Obviously I'm talking about new and unused cloths, not ones that have already been used to clean surfaces (ew!), but after I found out about this tip they have become my best friend.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigment review

I love summer. Whilst we don't always get the most of the sun though over here in the UK, we know how to make the most of it when we do. When it comes to makeup, I love bringing out my bright and colourful products, which is why, on this hot and sunny day, we're going to be looking at a very vibrant pot of pigment.

Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigment
Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigment in Cake Pop

Jelly Pong Pong's Paradise Pigment pots come in two super bright, cream shades that are designed to be used on both the lips and the cheeks to add a flush of summer. There is Cake Pop a bold pink-red coral and Fig Jam, a vivid purple-pink orchid. Whilst the name Cake Pop reminds me of Clinique's Pop range, I really love the name Fig Jam. Anyone else!? Both shades may look a little daunting in the pan, but rest assured that they don't apply that brightly on the face.

Each pot contains pumpkin seed oil and rhubarb extract for "plush, cushiony skin".

I received the shade Cake Pop in my June Birchbox, so if you'd like to subscribe to see if you receive one too, you can subscribe to Birchbox here.

They come packaged in a small, clear jar with a black screw cap lid that holds 4g of product.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Top 50 Mommy Bloggers

Hey everyone! Today I have a slightly different post for you all. The lovely folks over at Rebates Zone have included me on their list of the Top 50 Mommy Bloggers!

Today I have posted the list as a thank you and as a shout out to all of the other bloggers who are featured on it. Keep up the great work ladies!

You can check it out below.

Thanks again, guys!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream review

Dark circles around the eyes don't have to be a pain to deal with. There are a ton of eye creams on the market to help reduce the appearance of them and a good concealer on top can help to hide the rest. What can be even easier though is one product that does both; a one step wonder product. Very fitting then that today's product even has the word 'wonder' in the name!

Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream
Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream

Balance Me's Tinted Wonder Eye Cream is a variation on the original Wonder Eye Cream with the added benefit of helping to cover dark circles as well as helping to reduce them. In addition, it also gets to work on fine lines.

It is 99% natural and combines cream and light reflecting pigments to help blur dark circles and reduce fine lines. It contains cucumber seed oil to gently cool, calm and reduce puffiness as well as moisturise and brighten; rosehip oil, a fantastic oil that helps to cell renewal and arctic cloudberry seed extract that is anti-oxidant and Vitamin E rich to help protect against environmental damage.

Balance Me also claim that this Tinted Wonder Eye Cream is also suitable for all skin tones.

It comes packaged in a white squeezy tube that comes in 5ml and 10ml sizes. The cream itself is thick and looks like a liquid concealer or foundation at first sight. It also has a light, clean fragrance.

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