Sunday, 1 March 2020

Oracle Cards - A Little Hit of Wisdom for March

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Hi guys! So in my previous post I outlined that Beautifinous is now becoming a beauty and wellness blog, so today I wanted to come at you all with something wellness related to kickstart that aspect.

To do that I’ve decided to write up an oracle card post. What are oracle cards? you may be asking. Oracle cards are on the same tangent as tarot cards, which may be a more familiar idea. No, we won’t be going into fortune telling as I don’t personally believe that’s what oracle cards are all about (more on that in a moment), but we will be using them to dig into some of that inner wisdom that we’re all carrying within us and may be struggling to reach. 

The Spirit Animal Oracle
The Spirit Animal Oracle

But aren’t tarot cards all about telling the future? I guess that depends on your own beliefs. Some people say yes, yet others say no. I’m on the no side for cards (yet I’ll never discredit anyone carrying opposing beliefs to myself), but it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy or get the most out of tarot or oracle cards. So what else can oracle and tarot cards be used for? As I stated above, I think that oracle and tarot cards are fantastic at digging into your own inner wisdom. Let me explain further. 

Each of us carry wisdom, even if we don’t realise it. Admit it - nobody knows you better than you know yourself. If you’re stuck in a problem, somewhere, deep down, you know what you’re supposed to do. Sometimes though we all have a little trouble accessing the answers that we need to hear, whether it be due to feeling low, having a head full of thoughts or even down to simply not wanting to acknowledge them. The best way that I can describe what oracle cards are is that they’re a prompt that we can use to access that wisdom. 

How do oracle cards work? How do oracle cards differ to tarot cards? Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards that include the major arcana (the cards you may be most familiar with) and the minor arcana (more like playing cards, these come in suits). No matter what tarot deck you buy, they will always have the same cards with different illustrations. Oracle cards vary far more and can be based on anything that the creator of them wishes. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Announcement Time - Blog Genre Update

Hey guys! So, it's been a while, right? Well, I am here today and I have some news for you all.

No, I have no forgotten about the blog and neither is the blog coming to an end. I have had some family related things that I have needed to dedicate my time to, but during the time that I have been away I feel like I have evolved as a person in many ways. I have taken up some new hobbies and found new interests, and these involve things that I feel have made me a happier person overall. Because of this, I wanted to bring some of this to the blog alongside what I already write about.

I have therefore decided to open up my blog to become a beauty and wellness blog. I feel that this is a natural extension to the messages that I have already had to bring to the blog as I have always wanted to help others to feel happier and more confident about themselves and I feel that by opening up the blog to including wellness allows me to dive deeper into this aspect and hopefully to bring some additional joy to the world in some form.

Wellness posts will also allow me to partake in more collaborative projects, so if this is something that takes your fancy and you have some ideas about spreading some positivity then do feel free to shoot me an email!

I hope to have a nice balance between beauty related posts and wellness posts, but whilst I settle in to the new topics I may release a few more wellness related posts (author's excitement and all that!).

I really hope that you continue to enjoy the content that I bring to the blog and I thank you all for your patience and love.

Keep on being amazing!

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Sunday, 17 November 2019

Wake Skincare Face Mask review

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Hey guys! It’s been a while since I last reviewed Wake Skincare (formerly EyeWake which is the name that brand used when I last reviewed them) but today I have a new product from Wake Skincare to share with you all today; the Wake Skincare Face Mask.

Wake Skincare Face Mask
Wake Skincare Face Mask

The Wake Skincare Face Mask is a kaolin clay-based face mask that is designed to help with acne and dull skin by detoxing, exfoliating, removing dead skin and unclogging the pores. The goal is to leave the skin smooth and clear with a radiant glow. 

The mask is paraben and sulphate free, not tested on animals and is FSC approved. 

The Face Mask comes packaged in a white jar that holds 50ml of product. In a bid to reduce plastic waste, the jar is made of glass and can be recycled. The mask itself is a pale, dusky pink in colour and is quite thick and gritty consistency wise as it contains exfoliants. 

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant review

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Hey guys! I’m back! Thank you so much for your patience whilst I had some things to deal with, but I’m here again and today I’m bringing you a post about a product that I received recently from a brand called Norfolk Natural Living.

Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant
Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant

The Natural Deodorant from Norfolk Natural Living is described as being a unisex, "refreshing, long-lasting natural deodorant" that is made of natural ingredients, is vegan friendly and is free of aluminium and parabens. It has also never been tested on animals and is good to the environment (and the packaging is made of recycled materials). In addition to acting as a deodorant, it also contains hydrating ingredients to keep your underarms moisturised. All ingredients used are also gentle enough for sensitive skin.

The Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant comes in a range of four fragrances; fig, rose, sea salt and lime. I have the fragrance sea salt and it smells lovely and refreshing, like hanging around at the sea side. I imagine it would be particularly great for the summer months!

Alongside the deodorant, Norfolk Natural Living have a varied range of other natural products for sale, including skincare, bodycare and haircare as well as household and cleaning products. So if you like your household products to be as natural as your skincare, maybe you’d like to check out the rest of their range.

Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant
Norfolk Natural Living Natural Deodorant

Going back to the deodorant though, each bottle is 50ml in size and is made of glass with a shiny, plastic screw cap lid. The deodorant has a rollerball inside to apply it with and the deodorant itself is a pale yellow in colour.

I love the style of the bottle and the packaging. I also love how it looked when I opened the box as I felt that the packaging and the bottle itself had a nice, rustic vibe to it. Therefore, I took all the photos of the bottle still in the box so that you could all appreciate that vibe also!

Monday, 2 September 2019

Skinny Tan Face range reviews

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Hi guys! A few posts back I wrote about the Skinny Tan Coconut Tanning Water Mist and Dual Tanning Mitt and today I’m going to be writing about a whole range of complimentary products from the Skinny Tan Face range.

Skinny Tan Gradual Tan Daily Moisturiser, 2in1 Overnight Tan & Hydrating Mask, Moisturising Tanning Drops, Daily Superglow Highlighting Serum and Semi-Permanent Contour Serum

Skinny Tan Gradual Tan Daily Moisturiser, 2in1 Overnight Tan & Hydrating Mask, Moisturising Tanning Drops, Daily Superglow Highlighting Serum and Semi-Permanent Contour Serum

In this post we will be looking at the Skinny Tan Gradual Tan Daily Moisturiser, 2in1 Overnight Tan & Hydrating Mask, Moisturising Tanning Drops, Daily Superglow Highlighting Serum and Semi-Permanent Contour Serum.

Each of the products work together to give you a natural looking, streak-free tan on the face that also sculpts the face.

The Gradual Tan Daily Moisturiser and the 2in1 Overnight Tan & Hydrating Mask are both gradual tanners (or tan extenders). The Moisturising Tanning Drops contain a concentrated tanning product that can be added to your regular moisturiser and you can decide on the shade level yourself.

The Daily Superglow Highlighting Serum and Semi-Permanent Contour Serum are sculpting, highlight and contour products. The Contour Serum is effectively a semi-permanent bronzer for a contoured face without makeup. 

All of the products in the Face range contain Aloe Vera and Guarana as well as the signature Skinny Tan scent of caramel and coconut. They promise that all products are fast drying and non-sticky. On top of that, they are sulphate and paraben free with no skin drying chemicals and they are vegan/vegetarian friendly.