Thursday 9 November 2023

Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2 toothbrush reviews

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Hi guys! Back in 2018 I wrote a review of the ION-Sei ionic toothbrush and I loved it. I used it up until the end of the ION-Sei's availability in the UK, so I was really happy to hear that they have a sister company, Shiken, who have continued with the technology to create a new product line: Soladey.

Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2
Shiken Soladey 5 and Soladey Rhythm 2

Like the ION-Sei, the Soladey range is based around electrons and semi-conductors to remove plaque and to coat the teeth to prevent further build up (I called these "superpowers" in my ION-Sei review). Unlike the ION-Sei using an ultraviolet light to react with a Titanium Dioxide rod within the brush head, the Soladey range uses solar panels along with a stainless steel conductor to activate the Titanium Dioxide rod to create negatively charged ions as you hold it. The ions then mix with saliva or water within the mouth and react with positively charged ions found in plaque acid.

Soladey Science - source: Shiken Soladey Kickstarter
Soladey science, from their Kickstarter page

The result is the pH of your mouth being neutralised and your tooth enamel becomes more resistant to bacteria. This result means that you can brush your teeth without toothpaste, using only water. If you do prefer to use toothpaste, you only need a minimal amount. Alternatively, you can freshen breath with mouthwash post brushing instead.

Today I have two brushes from the range to discuss: the Soladey 5 and the Soladey Rhythm 2. The Soladey 5 is a manual toothbrush (even though it can easily be misconstrued as an electric one), and the Rhythm 2 is a battery powered electronic toothbrush. Because of the manual/electronic differences, there is also a large price difference between the two models. Different colour options for both are also available.