Sunday 21 March 2021

Nourish London Skincare Kale 3D Cleanse and Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser reviews

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Hi guys! I'm here today with another natural skincare duo. Regular readers will most likely know that I have a soft spot for natural skincare and I love products that are good for the environment as well as for the skin, so I'm really happy to be bringing another natural skincare brand to the blog.

Nourish London Skincare Kale 3D Cleanse and Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser
Nourish London Skincare Kale 3D Cleanse and Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser

Nourish is a British brand that focuses on organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare. The two products that I have to show you today are the Nourish Kale 3D Cleanse and the Nourish Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser

The Kale 3D Cleanse is a unique, colour changing facial cleanser that provides you with a deep cleanse that removes impurities and makeup, refreshes the skin and protects against pollution. It contains Supercharged Kale and Griffonia to detoxify the skin, minimise signs of ageing and to protect against pollutants as well as Hyaluronic acid, oxygenating extracts and probiotics to refresh and energise. 

The Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser is created as an anti-ageing, hydrating moisturiser, suitable for all skin types. It includes a blend of skin nourishing oils such as jojoba, sunflower and most importantly, argan. It also includes a blend of essential oils (discussed further on in the review), Vitamin E and collagen boosting tripeptides.

Both products are multi-award winning with the Kale 3D Cleanse holding the Gold Award as Best Cleanser from The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2017 accolade amongst others and the Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser sporting the Best Anti-Ageing product achievement from The Beauty Bible Awards 2015 alongside others. 

Both the Kale 3D Cleanse and the Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser come packaged in sleek, glass bottles with twist open pump lids (which cuts down on plastic waste for lid covers). The Kale 3D Cleanse holds either 30ml or 100ml of product and the Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser holds 50ml. The packaging on both looks and feels luxurious with a weight to them.

I'm going to begin by discussing the Kale 3D Cleanse and then I will move onto the Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser.