Thursday 11 August 2022

Teabagging in the Bath - An Easy Way to Better Skin and Hair

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Hey guys! Now that the title probably has your attention, you might be wondering where the heck I'm going with this post, but no fear! I'm going to be going back in time a bit to do something that I haven't done on the blog for a while and that is to talk about DIY beauty.

Rose, Chamomile and Lavender

A couple of months ago I was at a festival and whilst I was browsing the local business stands I stumbled across a couple of awesome women selling some herbs and natural homemade beauty items. One of the items for sale was some oat tea bags that can be used in the bath. They were tea bags filled with oats and a variety of flowers; one was oat and lavender, one oat and rose and the other oat and chamomile.

We struck up a conversation about the tea bags and what they can be used for. She explained to me that they're great to be used in the bath; the oats really help to soften your skin, reduce irritation and to even out skin tone. They're great for use on the face and in hair too. The different flowers have different effects also, with lavender being relaxing and perfect for night time alongside being good at boosting the mood and easing tension in the muscles. Rose petals are great for calming skin irritations, hydration and toning and chamomile is fab for soothing the skin and helping to minimise marks. 

I bought a bunch of the tea bags and tried one out as soon as I got back. I'm going to be writing about how I found them and also how you can create your own if you're interested at the end of the post.