Monday 9 May 2016

7 Cool Hairstyles You Can Do With a Flat Iron - Guest Post

Are you tired of wearing the same straightened look every time you go out on important occasions? Do you wish to experiment with your looks by using your very own flat irons? Then you are at the absolute best place to learn how to style your hair. Most of the time people tend to think of their flat irons as mere straightening tools and they forego the possibility of styling a great number of hairstyles with their flat irons.

It is undeniably true that every girl desires to wear a stylish hairdo that not only adds elegance to their personality but also gives them the opportunity to flaunt diverse hairstyles. Here comes the role of the flat iron that not only straightens the hair but also provides immense opportunities to have different hairstyles, so let’s check out these seven stylish hairstyles you can do with flat iron.

Loose Curls with Waves

The girls can experiment with their looks by simply using their flat iron to go for loose curls with waves. It is certainly more important to have the precise wavy loose curls especially if you have short hair or hair that is shoulder length. So, get the right flat iron that turns out to be a fine curler with its round edges and give get a classy look.

Side Swept Curls

To get the elegant looks with side swept curls, start by drying your hair and creating long loose waves by taking two inches of hair and flipping the flat iron 90 degrees either upwards or downwards. Then bring your hair to one side by securing all the fly aways with pins and getting the side swept curls by bringing the curls to one side of the shoulder to get the desired look.

Beach Waves

This is an easy and stylish look to carry on summer outings at the beach. Beach waves require minimal time and effort. So, all you need to do is to section your hair into two parts and make a braid on both sides and use your flatiron over the braids one by one to press the braids down. Then let the braids cool down and open up the braids and let your curls set by using your fingers.

Bouncy Curls

If you desire to bouncy curls that are stylish as well as big ones in size, you need to use your flat iron. First, you need to secure the iron by taking the top section of hair, then just twist the flat iron straightway either upwards or downwards and pull it through the hair to have big and bouncy curls.

Colorful Strands

Wish to brighten up your hair by using the different colour chalks? Use a flat iron to create a convincing hair colour dye to give and get a fresh look. First, get the strand of hair coloured by using chalks and then use the flat iron to let the colour go deep into the hair strand and make it pretty stylish like actual hair colour.

Stylish Curls

If you prefer to have straight hair with slight curls below, then using the flat iron is a great idea. So, get your flat iron and secure three to four inches of hair from the bottom section of hair and just turn them over upwards or downwards and pull them through to get stylish curls.

Sleek Ponytail

The flatiron can be used to create a sophisticated look with a sleek ponytail and a teased up pouffe. While it requires a little effort to take the front section of hair and tease it up for getting a raised pouffe, it is well worth it. Next, you have to secure the pouffe with pins and straighten the remaining hair by using the flat iron. Once you’re done, secure the hair with a rubber band to get the looks of a stylised pony.


The above 7 trendy hairstyles that you can do with a flat iron give you ample opportunity to style your hair differently with panache. So, don’t short sell your flat iron and start experimenting with fashionable hairdos that make you look more confident with style and grace.

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