Monday 14 November 2022

Skin + Beyond Supplement Drink review

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Hey guys! One of my favourite life tips is as follows: if you perfect the base, the rest will follow. The product that I'll be reviewing today is designed to help with exactly that and it will allow me to delve a little deeper into the meaning behind the advice.

Skin + Beyond
Skin + Beyond

The Skin + Beyond supplement drink is not your regular beauty drink. With the clue being in the name, Skin + Beyond does indeed go beyond helping you to achieve better skin by helping with gut health, bone health, joint health, heart health and sports performance and recovery. It is a 100% natural, all in one drink, providing a blend of patented pomegranate extract, niacinamide and glycine to balance out the gut, increase collagen synthesis and to re-energise the skin cells, overall helping you to achieve smoother and firmer skin. It also includes POMx which acts as a prebiotic and antioxidant. I'll also add the preface here that I am, of course, not a doctor and therefore I shall keep the science side to the professionals and just discuss the product from the perspective of a customer, which I am. For more of the science behind the ingredients in the drink, check out the Skin + Beyond website as it goes pretty in depth and is an interesting read!

So how does this tie in with the advice that I mentioned at the start of the post? Well, the reason that it's my favourite tip is because it can be relevant in a whole range of scenarios. Focusing in more specifically onto the beauty aspect to keep things on topic, it describes perfecting the base because then everything else will just follow along. In this instance, by feeling good on the inside, everything else will follow on the outside. Glowing skin will follow when you look after yourself on the inside. Staying hydrated and drinking supplement drinks such as Skin + Beyond to look after yourself will in turn bring the results that you want on the outside. I actually gave this exact advice in a beauty scenario when contacted by Bondi Sands for a feature that they were working on a few years ago too (and if you'd like to go to a deeper level, I implore you to try attributing it to other aspects of life also!).

Skin + Beyond
Skin + Beyond

To make the drink up, you need to add one scoop of powder to 200ml of water and stir or shake to mix it up (I find adding the powder first helps with mixing it up). Have 2 drinks a day.

Mixing up the drink is incredibly easy, but my favourite way to have it is to mix it up with some elderflower cordial. I have been adding the powder and the cordial and swirling it around before adding the water and it mixes really well and tastes delicious! If you want to mix it up with cordial as well and want recommendations, I found that apple is also a great flavour mix! I tend to drink larger cups of water so I mix both of my 200ml into a 400ml per day.

Since drinking this daily for the last month or so (I did admittedly miss a couple of days when I've been extra busy and it slipped my mind), I've been noticing a few changes. Skin wise, my skin has more of a natural glow which is particularly nice at this time of year (also helped by the products I reviewed in my last post), but I also see a difference in skin healing. For example, if I have a small spot, it's healing so quickly that they're completely gone in a day or so. Same goes for dry skin, I've had less dryness despite that being a major issue at this time of year for me. I have also seen my skin looking firmer, so I think that this could be something to look into if you're after something to aid with an anti-ageing routine. 

Elsewhere, I have also been feeling less sluggish (which extra water intake does help with generally too) and I have noticed that there is less bloating after big meals and so on or that it doesn't last as long as normal, so that's a major bonus.

Skin + Beyond
Skin + Beyond

I really like having the Skin + Beyond drink as part of my daily routine as it's always nice to be feeling good from the inside and seeing it reflected on the outside. It slips into a routine incredibly easily and you could even mix it up in a water bottle for on the go, perhaps even with added fresh fruit in an infuser water bottle.

If you would like to try the Skin + Beyond drink, you can find it at Skin + Beyond.

What are your thoughts on Skin + Beyond? What are your favourite beauty supplements?
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