Friday 1 June 2018

E45 Daily Lotion Spray review

Hey guys! Do you ever get dry, itchy skin? Flaky skin? Eczema prone? Looking for a product to get rid of your eczema or dry areas but prefer to put minimal effort into your skincare routine? No fear! This post is for you.

E45 Daily Lotion Spray
E45 Daily Lotion Spray

Of course, it’s not just for those with drier skin. Even if you just want a low maintenance body care product to incorporate into your routine, this post is also for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the brand E45, especially if you do have dry skin. They’re a great brand for eczema sufferers, and recently they released a new body moisturiser in the form of a spray: the E45 Daily Lotion Spray. This product also comes in an intensive version, but today I shall just be reviewing the Daily Lotion Spray.

E45 explain that this is their trusted formula, but in a fast-absorbing spray for quick application. It contains no added colours or fragrances, is suitable for dry and sensitive skin and is dermatologically tested. It promises 24 hour moisture with a non-greasy formula.

So what’s the difference? What is it for? Well, instead of having to either pump or squeeze lotion from a bottle, with this you simply get to spray it onto the skin, massage in and go. It’s so minimum fuss and effort and really helps to attract those who just either don’t have time or don’t have the effort to give their body care routine any thought. 

Of course that’s not the only reason you may want to try a spray version. I bought this for my daughter to try as well as myself as my little girl gets terrible eczema that really flares up in the warmer weather. Sometimes she doesn’t like having a regular cream applied either, and she will pull her legs away or run away and so on, so something a bit different to get her to cooperate is sometimes a plus.

It comes packaged in a white spray can in the same style and design as other E45 products, except it looks more like a deodorant than a moisturiser, so make sure that you remember which is which!

Application and Results:

To use, you need to open the cap and spray onto the skin wherever needed from a distance of about 30cm. After spraying, you need to rub the lotion into the skin which is very quick and easy to do.

The most appealing feature of this moisturiser is obviously the ease of use. It’s quick and it’s simple, and that means it’s perfect for everyone, including those who try to say that they don’t have time or can’t be bothered to apply a lotion.

E45 Daily Lotion Spray
E45 Daily Lotion Spray

It absorbs into the skin somewhat averagely, not too fast but not the slowest absorber either. It does leave the skin feeling a bit greasy for a few minutes after application, and then settles down enough and allows you to feel the smoothness. 

Another important point is that it is very easy to apply too much. The spray really disperses it across the skin, so a quick blast of spray down each arm and leg can be enough. Obviously if you have really dry skin and feel that you need more, spray more. Otherwise, spraying more can mean that you will be there for a long time rubbing the moisturiser into your skin.

It hydrates really well, but I feel that this particular spray is best for mild to moderate eczema and the intensive spray may be more ideal for bad eczema. 

I like the ease of the spray function. Instead of running away or getting annoyed, my little girl loves this spray. She always giggles when I spray it on and she helps to rub it in, so in that regard, it’s a winner.

The important part isn’t the gimmick side though, it’s the results. Thankfully, this spray works pretty well for my daughter. It does help to reduce eczema flare ups, but for particularly bad patches I do find myself having to apply a separate product too to really get rid of it. AsI've mentioned a couple of times E45 do sell an intensive version of this spray (which I just haven’t been able to find in store, hence why I bought this one) and that could be better for the worse areas, but without testing it I’m really unable to confirm that.

I’ve spoken before about how I get really dry and painful cracked skin on my hands at times, so I also gave this spray a go when I was having a minor flare up. It did help, but spraying it onto my hands felt a little silly and a lot of product was just spraying past my hands. Therefore this is definitely better as a body spray for larger surface areas, even though it does help to soothe wherever you use it. It’s just a bit wasteful on smaller areas.

E45 Daily Lotion Spray
E45 Daily Lotion Spray

Overall, I think that this is a great product for post-bath or shower for general body care, or at any time on dry skin, especially for those who can’t usually be bothered with a regular type of lotion or for children who don’t like to stay still.

The ease of use makes this such a family friendly product, and you really don't need as much as you would assume either, so it will last a while too.

Product Rating: 6/10

You can purchase the E45 Daily Lotion Spray from Boots.

What are your thoughts on the E45 Daily Lotion Spray? What are your favourite products for dry, sensitive skin?

Let me know in the comments below! 

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