Sunday 15 November 2020

Tweezerfile review

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Hey guys! So today’s post is a little shorter than usual, but we’re going to be talking tweezers. They’re great aren’t they? Insanely useful for a ton of things from shaping your eyebrows to plucking stray hairs. You know what isn’t helpful? Blunt tweezers. We need sharp tweezers to keep using them at their best. What do you tend to do in that situation though? Throw them out? Buy new tweezers? How about sharpening your tweezers to make them as good as new?

Today I will be discussing a product from a brand called Tweezerfile. In fact, the product name is explained pretty well within the brand name - Tweezerfile is a file for your tweezers to keep them sharp. A tweezer sharpener that is simple and quick to use and enables you to keep your tweezers in a sharp and effective condition so that you can pluck your eyebrows without extra stress. It could even make a great little Christmas or birthday gift for those beauty fans in your life.


The Tweezerfile is a double sided, diamond plated, stainless steel bladed file. It has a plastic handle to grip onto making it easy and convenient to use. It comes in two colours - coral and navy blue - and comes packaged in a light grey blister pack with instructions of how to use on the back.

To use the Tweezerfile, you need to grip the handle side with one hand and hold your tweezers in the other. Grip the file with your tweezers, applying equal pressure on both sides of the blade. Next, gently slide the tweezers up and down the blade until you have achieved your ideal sharpness. To clean you need to only wipe it down with a damp cloth.


And that’s it! How straightforward is that?! I find usage of the file to be really simple. It doesn't take long to get your tweezers back to normal, but one thing that I did notice is that the type of cloth that you use to clean them can make a difference. A strong kitchen tissue is not enough as it will file it to pieces, and some fluffier cloths felt a bit odd to use. Therefore I ended up running mine under a tap and using a cloth to clean it sufficiently. I do not recommend using your thumb to do this like I first tried unless you're really after having one super smooth thumb!

Use of the Tweezerfile also means that you can keep your tweezers for so much longer (or for life), which in the long run saves a fortune on purchasing new tweezers every time they become blunt.


Thanks to the Tweezerfile I found it incredibly easy to return my blunt tweezers back to their perfect sharpness level and I have to say that I find it much easier and better than needing to buy new tweezers. If you use tweezers regularly then you will likely know that a good pair are going to be more expensive, so the cost factor can be a nightmare. Purchasing a Tweezerfile therefore works out to be far more cost effective in the long run and something that I’d recommend all frequent tweezer-users to have at hand.

If you'd like to get hold of a Tweezerfile for yourself or a loved one then you can purchase one at the Tweezerfile website.

What are your thoughts on the Tweezerfile? Will it be upgrading your tweezer game?
Let me know in the comments below!

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