Monday 7 April 2014

Zoya - Awaken Collection Spring 2014 in Rebel review & swatches

Zoya nail polish in Rebel is a full-coverage sky blue shade with a shimmer of silver glitter that creates a cool, metallic look. It is part of Zoya’s Awaken collection that was released for Spring 2014.

Zoya - Awaken Collection Spring 2014 - Rebel
Zoya - Rebel

As with all Zoya polishes it is 5-free (not just 3-free) - no toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin or dibutyl phthalate. 

Zoya - Awaken Collection Spring 2014 - Rebel
The colour of the polish in this photo is slightly off - I had to edit it slightly so that you could see the writing.

The formula of this polish is good. It claims to be full-coverage and that can be achieved in two coats. However, in direct sunlight you will see VNL (visible nail line). How obvious the VNL is depends on how thick the coats are that you use. If you are worried about this, you can use thicker coats or you can apply a third. You risk the chance of bubbling if you choose the thicker coats!

I used two thin coats. Here is what it looks like after one thin coat:

Zoya - Awaken Collection Spring 2014 - Rebel

After two thin coats:

Zoya - Awaken Collection Spring 2014 - Rebel

As you can see, it is pretty much opaque unless you look very closely (in person - it's not easily visible in the photos)!

The consistency of this polish is very easy to apply onto the nail. It isn’t runny (so no messy cuticles!) and it isn’t too thick rendering it difficult to spread. It’s just right!

Zoya - Awaken Collection Spring 2014 - Rebel

As with other polishes by Zoya, the brush is thin but fans out to cover the nail well making it easy to use. Polish is easily distributed and you can fully coat the nail quickly and neatly.

Zoya - Awaken Collection Spring 2014 - Rebel

Because of the formula and the brush, you can manage to paint your nails in no time with this polish which is fantastic when you don't have much time! I painted mine and took these photos whilst my little man was having a nap (the only time I can get to do it as he obviously comes first! The same goes for blogging, eating, etc. I’m typing this whilst he is sleeping next to me! :)) so I always appreciate a good, easily applied polish!

Drying time from what I could tell was average, but once again I used my Seche Vite dry fast top coat to speed up the process! A dry fast top coat is essential for all busy mums who want to find time to paint their nails (in my opinion).

Zoya - Awaken Collection Spring 2014 - Rebel

Now here is the main point - how pretty is this polish!? It is so perfect for spring and it glistens beautifully in person! Photos simply do not do this colour justice!

It is frosty but warm at the same time. It’s metallic and girly yet also reminds me of water in the summer with the sun twinkling on the surface. It’s bright yet subtle at the same time, which I never even really thought was possible. I don’t even know if I’m just rambling in this paragraph or if I am actually making sense. The polish is just so pretty that it keeps catching my eye and throwing me off guard!

Zoya - Awaken Collection Spring 2014 - Rebel

It is advertised as including silver glitter and it looks silver in photos, but in person it looks like gold glitter or even a combination of both gold and silver.

The Awaken collection by Zoya is full of beautiful pastel shades that are all wonderfully suited to spring. It also comes with a glitter top coat (called Monet) that features holographic glitter particles so you can add an extra bit of pizzazz (yes I just used the word 'pizzazz').

I can’t comment on the formulas/finish of the other shades as I only own Rebel, but I’m incredibly pleased with the one that I do own.

I honestly love this polish. I can imagine that it will be getting a lot of wear throughout the summer as well as spring!

Zoya - Awaken Collection Spring 2014 - Rebel

I purchased mine from Nail Polish Direct for £10. The other colours in the collection are also available.

What do you think of Rebel? Have you got any of the other shades in the range?
Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Love this shade!


  2. I haven't worn nail polish in such a long time! I used to love it when I was in my teens but now I just don't have the time for it, makes me a little sad especially when I see colours as pretty as this one!


    1. Ah, that's what this blog is all about! :D I am on a personal hunt to discover products that will feed my addiction without compromising my family life. Finding time to paint nails can be a bit of a nightmare, but this one was honestly so fast and easy to apply that used along with a dry fast top coat you're flying in no time! :)

      It's amazing how a little bit of colour can affect your mood!