Wednesday 20 May 2020

Yazmae Cosmetics Eyelash Serum review

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Hey guys! A couple of posts back I reviewed two beautiful pairs of Yazmae Cosmetics 3D Mink Lashes and within that post I stated that I would be reviewing the Yazmae Eyelash Serum. Today I am here with said review!

Yazmae Eyelash Serum
Yazmae Eyelash Serum

The Yazmae Cosmetics Eyelash Serum is said to help you to achieve longer, thicker and darker eyelashes in less than 25 days. It contains vitamins to provide your lashes with the exact things that they need in order to grow fuller and longer. 

If you have short or sparse lashes, this is targeted at you.

If you prefer to use false lashes to achieve a full, fluttery lash then do check out my review for the Yazmae lashes. If you're after longer and thicker natural lashes then you may lean more towards the Yazmae Eyelash Serum.

It comes packaged in a matte, black tube that has a screw cap lid that contains a long, thin brush for application. Think along the lines of a thin liquid eyeliner brush.

The tube contains 5ml which is enough for 3-4 months if used twice daily.

Application and Results:

I have been testing out the Yazmae Eyelash Serum for just over a month now, so I'm ready to talk through the results that I've seen so far. 

Yazmae Eyelash Serum
Yazmae Eyelash Serum

To apply, you only need a very small amount on the brush which you then apply to the base of the lashes, like you would an eyeliner. It is rather watery in consistency compared to an eyeliner, so too much may get into your eyes and cause irritation without any added benefit.

Whilst we're on the topic of irritation though, I will mention that I have occasionally got some of the serum into my eyes and I haven't suffered any negative effects such as itching or irritation, only a little eye watering. With that said, I will make it clear at this point that I'm not endorsing anybody to do it deliberately by applying too much and also to please remember that everyone is different. Whilst I may not suffer irritation from a tiny bit getting into my eyes on the odd occasion, other people may experience worse effects.

Once on the lashes, it doesn't take too long to dry and it can be worn under makeup. Yazmae recommend using it both morning and night. 

As explained above, I have now been using the serum for just over a month, and it has only been very recently that I've begun to see results. Here are some before and after photos (apologies for the lighting difference):

Yazmae Eyelash Serum before
Yazmae Eyelash Serum before

Yazmae Eyelash Serum after
Yazmae Eyelash Serum after

It's been quite hard to photograph the results as at the moment they're still quite subtle for my eyes, but I have noticed my bottom lashes beginning to grow a bit longer and my top lashes growing a very tiny bit longer too. The main thing for me though is that there is a little area of sparse lashes which is just visible on the before photo. The serum has helped to fill up that space.

I feel like I may be someone who needs to use the product for longer to get the results, but I can see them appearing.

Whilst Yazmae have said that you can see results in less than 25 days, it did take me a bit longer to see results with mine. They do, however, have a money back guarantee if you don't see any results after 8 weeks of use, so maybe for some people it is one of those products that you need to simply be patient with. 

One thing I have noticed is that there are lots of very positive reviews on the product page on the Yazmae website. A lot of the reviews do mention how great the serum is at helping to regrow the lashes after eyelash extensions. This is something that I can't test as I've never had lash extensions, but if that is an issue that you have then you may want to read some feedback on their website.

I am going to continue to use the serum to see what further results can be achieved.

If you'd like to check out the Yazmae Cosmetics Eyelash Serum then you can grab a tube at Yazmae Cosmetics. Don't forget to check out their gorgeous false lashes whilst you're there!

What are your thoughts on the Yazmae Eyelash Serum? Have you tried it? If so, what results did you see?
Let me know in the comments below!

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