Friday 1 December 2017

Weleda Skin Food review

Heeeey guys! Over the last couple of posts I've been focusing on winter essentials, and the product I'm looking at today is probably the one that best fits that theme for sure. What's the one thing that really drives everyone mad in winter? Dry, cracked skin. I was originally going to be posting about something else today, but last night I was talking to my boyfriend about how amazing this cream is and I realised that I hadn’t even reviewed it yet and I was so amazed because, like I just said, it fits the bill so perfectly. Today I'm rectifying that.

Weleda Skin Food
Weleda Skin Food

If you haven't heard of it, Weleda's Skin Food cream is a certified natural moisturiser that is designed to soothe and heal dry skin all over the body. Your face, elbows, hands, everywhere. It contains calendula, chamomile and viola tricolour extracts within a blend of beeswax and nourishing oils such as sweet almond and sunflower oils. On top of that, it also contains lanolin which is a wonder ingredient that I took a more in depth look at in the first winter essentials post by featuring the Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips.

It comes packaged in a green squeezy tube with a white screw cap lid and comes in two different sizes: 30ml and 75ml. The product itself is a thick, off white cream with a strong, herby shampoo type of smell to it.

Application and Results:

When applying Skin Food, the first thing to keep in mind is that it is quite thick. You do need to apply a generous amount to get the best results, but a little does go a long way. What I recommend is to use a small amount and build it up to judge how much the area of skin you are treating needs. The drier the skin is, the more you will need. 

Once you have applied it though, it leaves the skin feeling and looking greasy. I can’t imagine that’s too bad if you have dry skin or if you're applying somewhere like your hands or elbows, but if you have oily skin and want to use this on a dry patch on your face, do be warned. Otherwise, I tend to use this on dry patches at night time. I have found it can help somewhat with perioral dermatitis and on eczema, but my main use for it so far is on my hands. 

Winter causes havoc with my hands. The skin becomes so dry and sore, cracked and uncomfortable, particularly around the knuckles. A lot of hand creams end up stinging when I use them, and it gets so bad that every time I wash my hands they hurt and turn bright red (and as a mum of two kids and two cats, I have to wash my hands a lot). Every night I lather on some Skin Food and it’s like sweet, sweet relief. It helps to stop the stinging and it doesn’t matter that my hands are greasy because I’m going to sleep. It works its magic overnight and by morning my hands are vastly improved. 

Weleda Skin Food ingredients
Weleda Skin Food ingredients (click to enlarge)

It does take longer than one night to fix them up though. I find a few night of use are enough to solve my hands when they are at their worst, but using regularly does help with prevention. If the area you are trying to treat isn't as bad as what I just described, using a few times a day could heal it up pretty quickly.

Another great thing about this cream is that it is fairly inexpensive. To find a product that works nowadays tends to cost an arm and a leg, but this cream will fit much better into tighter budgets. It isn't the cheapest on the market, but for what you pay, you get the quality of something far more expensive.

I can not recommend this cream enough, and I also can’t believe that I hadn’t gotten around to reviewing it yet. Seeing as I wanted to focus on winter essentials for a few posts, I’m glad I clicked that I hadn’t yet as it fits perfectly into the theme. If you find yourself suffering from dry, sore skin during the winter, definitely check this stuff out.

You can purchase the Weleda Skin Food from Naturismo (who usually offer 10% off your first order!).

What are your thoughts on Weleda's Skin Food? What is your winter skincare saviour?
Let me know in the comments below!

Zoe. @Beautifinous

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