Thursday 2 June 2016

Top 50 Mommy Bloggers

Hey everyone! Today I have a slightly different post for you all. The lovely folks over at Rebates Zone have included me on their list of the Top 50 Mommy Bloggers!

Today I have posted the list as a thank you and as a shout out to all of the other bloggers who are featured on it. Keep up the great work ladies!

You can check it out below.

Thanks again, guys!

UPDATE: The infographic that listed the top bloggers has now switched to a different location and has therefore disappeared from the blog. I decided to keep this post up as a thank you though for including me on it, wherever it has vanished to!

Thank you also to everybody who comes to read my blog. Beautifinous wouldn't be where it is today without all of you beautiful people checking in, so really, thank you.

Zoe. @Beautifinous

*The infographic in this post was created by Rebates Zone and I was kindly asked to repost it on their behalf.

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  1. Congratulations Zoe! So pleased to have been featured alongside you as one of the top 50 Mommy Bloggers x