Sunday 2 August 2015

Avon 3D Plumping Lipstick reviews & swatches

Avon are soon to be releasing a new range of lip-plumping lipsticks - the Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipsticks. They contain a dual-plumping formula with a Retinol Colour Complex that boosts retinol and collagen.

It will come in a range of 10 satin-finish shades, ranging from nude shades to pinks, red and purple, and in this post I have swatches of every single shade to show you!

Avon Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick

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General comments on all shades

There were some observations that I made regarding all colours which I find easier to address first before repeating myself over and over. I find that each shade lives up to the plumping claims with a couple being less plumping than others (such as Power Trip). They all had a certain amount of tingling, but a couple were more so and some were far less so.

I found the longevity to be around two-three hours so it will need re-applying throughout the day.

Pucker Up

Avon Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick Pucker Up Lip Swatch

Pucker Up is a bright, Barbie pink. It is a vivid colour, but it does get into the creases on your lips after a while.

In The Buff

Avon Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick In The Buff Lip Swatch

In The Buff is one of the neutral shades of the collection. On me, it looks just like my normal lip colour so it can be a little hard to tell that I'm even wearing lipstick. I find it to be the "tingliest" shade of the collection, but it is as plumping as the other colours.

Hot Pants

Avon Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick Hot Pants Lip Swatch

Shade wise, Hot Pants instantly made me think of my beloved Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge in Sydney, but with a satin finish rather than matte. It is a bright, pinky red that applies smoothly and evenly.

Uptown Pink

Avon Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick Uptown Pink Lip Swatch

Uptown Pink provides a good, even colour that doesn't get into the creases on your lips. It is a slightly darker rosy-pink than Stolen Kisses (below).

Divine Wine

Avon Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick Divine Wine Lip Swatch

Divine Wine is a BEAUTIFUL shade for autumn/winter! It has a frosted/satin finish and is one of my unexpected favourites of the bunch. The photo above doesn't really do it justice which is a total shame, but in person it looks fab.

Mad About Mauve

Avon Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick Mad About Mauve Lip Swatch

Mad About Mauve is the sheerest shade of the collection and sadly probably my least favourite of the lot even though I expected to really like it. It settles into lip creases straight away, too. It seems that I am not mad about this mauve!

Stolen Kisses

Avon Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick Stolen Kisses Lip Swatch

Stolen Kisses shows up dry patches of the lips so make sure that the lips are well exfoliated before application! It is a rosy pink shade that is perfect for casual times.


Avon Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick Bitten Lip Swatch

Wowza! What a stunning shade! Bitten is easily my favourite shade of the entire collection in terms of both colour and application. It has the most vivid, opaque colour of the bunch. If you like the brighter, in your face shades, this is the one you want.


Avon Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick Twig Lip Swatch

Twig is a darker natural shade than In The Buff. As a heads up, the book photo of this shade depicts it as being darker than it is. It's great for autumn/winter!

Power Trip 

Avon Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick Power Trip Lip Swatch

Power Trip is the token red with blue undertones of this collection. It is opaque, not the most tingly or plumping but you can notice difference. If you need lip liner with any shade here, this is probably the one.

The Final Verdict

Overall, I think that this is a pretty good collection with some definite stand-outs and an odd disappointment. In regards to vividness, Bitten is stunning. The shade is bright, cheerful and loud, perfect for nights out or parties. The nudes are lovely shades, but I prefer Twig over In The Buff, but this may be down to the fact that In The Buff is a little too close/the same colour as my lips. 

Divine Wine was the surprise for me and personally I don't think that the photo does it enough justice. In person it is absolutely beautiful and is one that I'll be reaching for during the colder seasons for sure. 

Mad About Mauve was the weak point of this range. In the tube the lilac shade looks gorgeous, but once it's applied on the lips it just seems to disappear. 

Avon's Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipstick's will be available from Campaign 16. I'll update the post with a link to purchase them as soon as they are available online.

UPDATE! - They are now available to buy online in the UK for £5 each (and then £8) from my Avon store (UK only, courier delivery only). 

What are your thoughts on Avon's new Ultra Colour 3D Plumping Lipsticks? What's your favourite shade?
Let me know in the comments below!

Zoe. @Beautifinous

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