Thursday 26 March 2015

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range

The Body Shop are soon to be introducing a new collection of products to their already vast selection: the Fuji Green Tea range.

It is inspired by the use of green tea in bathing to detoxify the skin, something that Japanese women have been doing for generations.
The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range
"We all know that green tea has antioxidant qualities. With its detoxifying health benefits, green tea has been revered for over 400 years in social and cultural activities, including the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

But did you know that some Japanese women apply it to their skin and bathe in it? It’s a skincare secret that’s been part of beauty regimes for generations, believed to help retain moisture and tighten pores.

We’ve taken this knowledge a step further, creating Fuji Green Tea™ range, the first body range infused with real green tea leaves and their benefits. We’ve been picky though, quite literally. Our green tea comes from the heartland of Japan, the pristine Mount Fuji region. Here, our experts hand-pick the finest shoots to capture the potent antioxidant power. We infuse this in to our range to replenish and refresh with pure moisture for healthier-feeling skin." (Source - The Body Shop  Fuji Green Tea range press release)

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The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea and Infuser
Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea and Fuji Green Tea Bath Infuser

The Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea (500g/£12) is designed to be used with the Fuji Green Tea Bath Infuser (£5 - sold separately) to create a cleansing and detoxifying bathtime experience. 

It is described by The Body Shop as being the "perfect to soak away the stresses of the day while helping your skin."

In addition to the Green Tea Bath and Infuser, The Body Shop are releasing complimentary bath/shower products, including the Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Soap (100g/£4), Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub (250ml/£14) and the Fuji Green Tea Body Wash (250ml/£4).

Of course the benefits aren't limited to just the bath - The Body Shop are also releasing three different types of moisturiser as part of the range, too: the Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion (250ml/£8) for lightweight moisture, the Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet (200ml/£8) which uses their innovative, cooling formula for fresh hydration (read more about the Body Sorbet's here) and of course, the Fuji Green Tea Body Butter (200ml/£13) for "24 hour, full-body hydration."

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne
Fuji  Green Tea Eau de Cologne

For extra post-bath/shower freshness, The Body Shop have created a Fuji  Green Tea Eau de Cologne
(100ml/£16). "Refreshingly light and crisp, it’s a classic scent for daytime sophistication."

It is described as being a "citrus-fresh" scent that includes top notes of green tea, mandarin, lemon and bergamot and a floral heart of violet, jasmine and camelia.

As well as the individual products, there will also be a range of gifts at different price levels for those special occasions!

The Body Shop  Fuji Green Tea range will be available in the UK from April 7th 2015 at The Body Shop.

What are your thoughts on the new Fuji Green Tea range? Which products are you most excited to try?
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Photos used with permission from The Body Shop.

Zoe. @Beautifinous


  1. I'm all for using green tea as part of my skincare regime! I usually make my own homemade green tea masque which works wonders for acne and pores. I'm really eXcited to try the green tea range from the body shop!


    1. Ohh! I'm the same! I love making skincare products and green tea is a bit of a wonder product. :)

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