Monday 9 June 2014

Top 8 beauty tips for hot muggy nights

Do you find yourself looking for a way to keep cool on a muggy, hot night? You’ve gone through your night routine just to feel as if you are sweating it all away and then you feel horrid. The covers are off, the fans are on, the windows are wide open, but you still just don’t feel fresh.

I know that the UK has irritating weather, but nobody can deny that when it gets hot, the nights get very, very muggy. I have found myself searching for numerous ways to keep myself cool at the night time again lately now that the Sun is making the occasional appearance, so I thought that some of you may be feeling the same way! Therefore, I have compiled my list of beauty-related methods (this is a beauty blog, after all!) to help keep you cool and fresh at night in the summertime! I hope that you find it helpful!

1. Keep your beauty products cold

One of my favourite ways to help refresh my skin at night time is to refrigerate my night routine beauty products throughout the day. Eye gel, my Clinique Anti-Blemish Clinical Clearing Gel and my Body Shop Tea Tree toner all get the fridge treatment, and using them after washing my face helps me to feel so refreshed! Along with this, when used in conjunction with number 2, the freshness can last a little longer…

2. Add a couple of drops of a cooling essential oil to your toner

I absolutely love adding a few drops of peppermint oil to my Body Shop Tea Tree Toner! Using it with the oil included helps to cool your skin and it helps the fresh feeling last for longer! Of course, you don’t have to add the oil to your toner and neither do you need to use peppermint. Other oils can be used for cooling (such as spearmint or eucalyptus) and you could use them in your moisturiser, a homemade cleanser or a homemade facial oi
instead! As long as you keep general essential oil safety guidelines in mind, you can have an experiment to find what works best for you! Another fantastic use for peppermint oil though can be found in number 3...

You can buy essential oils for varying prices from Freshskin.

3.  Cool peppermint foot soak

One of my all-time favourite ways to cool down in the summer is a cold foot soak. It is something that I have done for years, and I absolutely love it. Of course, this doesn’t have to be done at night time, it can be done whenever. However, I am listing it in this post because I find myself reserving this type of treat for night time! 

As a mother, it can be far easier to find the time to relax when your child/ren is/are asleep, and trying to soak your feet whilst they’re awake is far from practical or sensible! The use of peppermint oil isn’t necessary, but I love the cooling sensations of the oil and they linger far longer than the use of cold water alone! Also, the peppermint will leave a lovely minty, fresh scent on your tootsies! When you have finished your foot soak, you can follow it up with number 4 for extra cooling…

4. Cussons Mum & Me Cool and Relieve Soothing Spray

Photo from Cussons Mum and Me website

This gem of a product is one of my pregnancy discoveries! I was pregnant with my little man throughout summer months. Nights could be horrible; restless legs (the first bane of my pregnancy that lasted through the entire duration), sickness, back ache, discomfort, a runny nose (did anybody else get the pregnancy runny nose?) and then the heat. Ugh! When this product arrived on the market I tried it out straight away… and then recommended it to everybody, pregnant or not! 

Honestly. This spray is amazing! Spray it on your feet, your back, your legs… bliss! It helps to soothe aches (especially foot ache) and it freshens up your skin whilst calendula reduces swelling (if you have any, which you may just do if you are pregnant!). 

This spray definitely made the summer nights easier for me then, and it still does now! Really, even if you are not pregnant, give this a go! In addition to cooling sprays, number 5 follows the same trend…

You can buy Cussons Mum and Me Cool & Relieve Soothing Spray for £4.70 from Boots.

5. Avene Thermal Water Spray

Relief in a can! This spray is amazing. I mentioned this on my Top 10: Multitasking Beauty Products post which is where I discussed the numerous ways you can use this spray. For relief at nighttime though, I use this to spray my face whenever I'm feeling too hot. The cooling relief is beautiful! Of course, there are other types of thermal waters on the market, but I admit, I haven’t gotten around to testing them out yet! I have been in love with the Avene spray since the day that I first tested it, but I am intending on trying out some more eventually.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to purchase a spray, you could always make your own…

You can buy Avene Thermal Water Spray from £3.15 from Boots.

6. Get crafty with some beauty DIY

Instead of buying a thermal water spray, you could make yourself a refreshing face mist with the use of essential oils. In the past I have made a nice mist by boiling some water and brewing a small amount of green tea. After it had cooled, I poured some in a small spray bottle and added some refreshing and relaxing essential oils (peppermint, lavender and bergamot). I then put this spray in the fridge and took it out to refresh my face if I was ever feeling too hot. However, this type of spray will need remaking every few days (you don't want it to go bad!). If you do like the idea of essential oils for refreshment then you could try out number 7 for a different way to use them…

7. Burn some essential oils with water

Not necessarily beauty related, but I thought that I would mention it. Another way that I enjoy using essential oils in the summer is to add a few drops of fresh smelling oils to some water in an oil burner, then lighting a candle underneath to disperse the scent. Different oils can create different emotional effects on a person, so again it can be a game of experimenting to see what you enjoy the most! In the summer, I rather enjoy blending peppermint (yep, again!), lemongrass and eucalyptus oil in my burner.

One thing that I will add is that I highly recommend doing this before you head off to bed. Having the lit candle can add extra heat to the room, so keep that in mind. If you enjoy scented methods of refreshment, then you may prefer my final method of keeping fresh in the summer nights…

8. Apply a fresh scented fragrance

One of my favourite ways is more of a sensory refreshment than a physical one. Applying a fresh perfume can help you to feel cleaner and more cool. The perfumes that I usually reach for during the summer nights are Ralph Lauren - Ralph, The Body Shop - Moringa or Agent Provocateur - Agent Provocateur. Whilst Ralph and Moringa may be more obvious a choice than AP (it’s not actually a fresh perfume, far more musky and floral, but I really, really love it at night), it is all down to preference. Whatever fragrance makes you feel personally relaxed, uplifted, rejuvenated… it’s whatever goes. It may sound odd to suggest wearing perfume to bed, but honestly, the sensory effect can work better than you would imagine! Plus, it can help you to wake up in a better mood if the fragrance lasts throughout the night!

So there we have it! These are my top beauty related methods to keeping cool (and one extra, less beauty related tip!) during the summer nights! 

What beauty related methods do you use in the summer?
Let me know in the comments below!

Zoe. @Beautifinous

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  1. You came up with some great summer essentials to keeping cool!! Loved all your ideas, I shall be trying a couple out this summer :)

    Xx amber