Monday 1 February 2016

How to Stretch Your Beauty Budget - Guest Post

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Caring about yourself is just one of those things you simply do, without thinking too much about them. The goal of every beauty regime, every fitness craze we get fixated on (usually because we want to parry our favorite celebrities) or every piece of clothing we buy is to contribute to our feeling even more beautiful than we already are and also, obviously, to keep us healthy and in good physical shape.

Truth is, most products we use or treatments tend to get pretty costly; this is why, to exercise them on regular basis, you either need a really big budget or perfectly organized spending manners.
For all of you beauty lovers, especially girls who are trying out the now-famous career of a beauty blogger and are obsessed with trying out new products, we’ve put together a little guide that will definitely help you get the most out of your beauty-buying routine by simply staying on top of your budget, smartly.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

One of the most important things when saving up on beauty products yet staying on top of your game is putting quality before quantity / amount. For this reason it is a good option to buy those products that are of organic origin and that use natural ingredients. In this sense, you can even wait for even more affordable discounts in order to get the top organic cosmetics for skin.

NOTE: Before you buy anything, run a mental checklist to make sure you don’t already have a similar product; also, avoid unsubstantiated trends that are short in duration/popularity.

Don’t Avoid Drugstore Brands

Whoever’s told you that drugstores don’t hold good brands, lied. You can find some amazing products there and the chances are that they are healthier (organic) than in a typical perfumery. Also, they are cheaper!

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Skip Mani/Pedis Appointments From Time to Time

Yes, we all love spending time at the salon getting pampered but sometimes, when you’ve got to save up some money, skipping a few appointments and doing the mani/pedi thing by yourself is a reasonable choice. When getting your nails done at home, make sure your nail job lasts long by brushing the edge (front of your nail) horizontally with polish. A shine refresher every few days will get those nails looking like they’ve just been done. Plus, it doesn’t harm looking for some celebrity mani/padi inspiration and challenging your inner artist into doing it!

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Further, if you hate the thought of doing the mani/pedi at home as it lacks the pampering excitement of a salon, make a day of it – order your favorite food, put a movie on or some music, get yourself into a comfy robe and start enjoying your personal spa day – it’s going to be awesome!

Haircoloring with Your Bestie

The same goes for going to the hair salon for haircoloring or styling – invite your bestie over and do each other’s hair with your favorite Joe Manganiello film in the back! Make it a weekly beauty get together and you will soon see how saving up this way will turn out to be the coolest thing ever!

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Multi-Tasking Products Are Everything

The types of products you can use on multiple fronts are not only a money saver and a time saver, too! Some of the multitasking products are scrubs/masks, shampoo/conditioner, nail polish/topcoats, lipstick/lip-gloss, eye shadow/blush, etc. Find what works for you, and stick with it!

Well, dear girls – we hope this tutorial was helpful! If you’ve got any more helpful beauty-on-a-budget tricks and hacks, do share them!

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Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion and beauty blogger. She is very passionate about non-toxic skincare and organic makeup. Sophia writes mostly in beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

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Thank you to Sophia for the fantastic guest post!

What are your beauty budget stretching tips? 
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